The Flash #273

    The Flash » The Flash #273 - "Harvest of Hate" released by DC Comics on May 1, 1979.

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    Following a powerful compulsion, the Flash crashed through a brick wall, and now lies unconscious, at the feet of a mysterious young woman, named Melanie. Obsessed with the Flash, Melanie has forged a psychic bond with him, enabling her to take limited control over the Flash. Still in a daze, the Flash sees Melanie looking, lovingly, down at him. As he regains full consciousness, Melanie's visage is replaced with that of two attack dogs.

    The dogs' jaws clamp down on the Flash's extremities, forcing the Scarlet Speedster to vibrate his way to freedom. A quick perimeter check reveals that the Flash is outside of the Tabor Institute For Psychic Research. Searching the institute, the Flash discovers a virtual shrine to him in a young woman's room. Meanwhile, Melanie meets up with a few friends at a local discotheque. Melanie declines the offers to dance, from other men, viewing them as "too ordinary". Only the Flash will satisfy her.

    The Flash arrives home to find his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, still awake in bed. West attempts to engage her husband in conversation, but the exhausted speedster quickly passes out. West makes an appointment at a trendy salon for a complete makeover. The Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, is asked to ride over to the penitentiary, with Harvey Paulson, the chief of police. Paulson voices concerns over Allen's shoddy job performance.

    Allen voices his concerns over the Nephron Project, deciding that he no longer wishes to be associated with it. Allen also reveals his suspicions, regarding crooked police officers moving heroin from the evidence room, back out onto the streets. Paulson gives Alllen the night off. West is excited to show off her new look, but Allen is distracted by news of a prison riot, occurring at the penitentiary. Allen heads out, as the Flash, infuriating his wife, who breaks down, sobbing, in his absence.

    Rebelling against the inhumane Nephron Project, the rioting prisoners hurl it's architect, Doctor Gilbert Nephron, off the penitentiary roof. The Flash rescues Nephron, then storms the prison. After fighting his way through hordes of prisoners, the Flash backs the guards up, outside the cafeteria. The prisoners bombard the officers, and the Flash, with a slew of pots and pans. The prisoners momentarily gain the advantage over the Flash, and begin taking turns beating him.

    The Flash recovers, vibrating himself out of the grip of a hulking convict. The Flash races to the infirmary, then doses every single inmate, in the prison, with a powerful sedative. The riot quelled, the Flash seeks out murderer, Clive Yorkin. It was on Yorkin's behalf that the other prisoners rioted. Yorkin was the sole volunteer for the Nephron Process, an attempt at rehabilitation through aversion therapy. The treatments, though, have irreparably damaged Yorkin's mind. The Flash finally locates Yorkin, hooked up to the machines, unsupervised, that administer the Nephron Process. The treatments have driven Yorkin insane.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman in "The Golden Treasure"



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    Alex Saviuk artwork great 0

    I really enjoyed the few issues drawn by Aelx Saviuk. At the time these issues were printed, I was just begging to read the Flash, but even upon reflection, I believe that Alex's style was a good fit for the book. It would have been nice to see more Flash work from him....

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