The Flash #267

    The Flash » The Flash #267 - Heat Wave's Blaze of Glory/"Origin Of The Flash's Uniform!" released by DC Comics on November 1, 1978.

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    Heat Wave's Blaze Of Glory!

    Having overcome his crippling cryophobia, Heat Wave has finally gotten the best of the Flash. Heat Wave places the Flash into a cryogenic deep freeze, where the Flash will remain, undisturbed, for the next century. Heat Wave video tapes his victory, for posterity, leaving the tape to be discovered when the Flash is, finally, thawed out. Regaining consciousness, the Flash has only seconds to act before he succumbs to the numbing cold of suspended animation. Vibrating at super-human speed, the Flash sloughs off stray molecules into the cryogenic chamber. The impact of the Flash's high velocity molecules, with the chamber's molecules, begins a chain reaction resulting in a powerful vibratory wave.

    The tremors spread out across the floor, up the walls, to the ceiling. A ceiling fragment shatters the cryogenic chamber, freeing the Flash. The vibratory wave continues to spread throughout the house, eventually causing the entire structure to collapse. The Flash barely has time to get the servants out of the house, before it crumbles into debris. Young Barney Sands, the next door neighbor of Picture News reporter, Iris West, and her husband, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, pays a call on Allen. West rebuffs Sands' visit, stating that Allen is busy working on his collection. Curious, Sands peeps through the den window, and sees Allen filing away a large Golden Age comic book collection. Sands realizes that he and Allen are kindred spirits.

    The cryogenic chamber's effect, coupled with the rapid thaw, has affected the Flash's molecular structure, causing his body to convert into energy, whenever he uses his super-human speed. As he patrols the streets of Central City, in search of Heat Wave, citizens are startled to see a literal crimson comet pass by them. The Flash catches up with Heat Wave, at a jewelry expo, within the Central City coliseum. The Flash dodges Heat Wave's first volley, by splitting his mass in twain. Upon reforming, Heat Wave catches the Flash with the highest setting of his Hot Rod. The Flash loses control of his molecular structure, launching into the air, a runaway comet heading into space.

    The Flash manages to shift his energy form into one of pure light. Altering his trajectory, the Flash strikes the mirrored surface of a solar panel, and is reflected back towards the Earth. Heat Wave's blast of intense heat counters the effects of the cryogenic chamber on the Flash's molecular structure, returning him to normal. The Flash mercilessly beats Heat Wave into unconsciousness. In his cell, Heat Wave, as Mick Rory, takes solace in the notion that he has seen the Flash's unmasked face. The Flash, as Allen, faces an uncertain future, as he worries over what Rory plans to do with that knowledge.

    "Origin Of The Flash's Uniform!"

    Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, is simultaneously struck by lightning, while being doused with chemicals. The combination results in Allen developing the power to move at super-human speed. Taking inspiration from his favorite comic book character, Allen decides to embark on a crime fighting career, as the Flash. Allen, though, finds the Golden Age Flash's costume impractical. While Allen is pondering the matter, he receives a phone call from his girl friend, Picture News reporter, Iris West. Distracted by all that has happened to him, Allen has stood West up, for a date, and she is furious. West breaks up with Allen over the phone.

    Allen, though, is more concerned with how he's going to get his costume made. Allen approaches West's father, Ira, a brilliant scientist. Allen revels his newfound powers to Professor West, by playing a game of table tennis, with himself. Allen hands Professor West the design he's drawn for the costume. Unbeknownst to the two men, a pair of thugs are outside, waiting for the opportunity to steal Professor West's valuable stamp collection. Professor West use his skills as a tailor to sew Allen's Flash costume. Professor West also uses his inventive brilliance to create a special gas that expands or contracts the uniform, so that it may be stored in, or released from, a ring.

    Allen receives a call from Professor West, who fears that prowlers may have broken into his home. Professor West is violently struck from behind, and the phone line goes dead. Allen immediately races over, as the Flash. After beating the two thugs into unconsciousness, the Flash races Professor West to the hospital. Upon recovery, Professor West has no recollection that Allen is the Flash. The blow to the head has also resulted in an acute absent-mindedness, which will plague the professor to the end of his days. Allen decides that it's for the best that Professor West is no longer privy to his secret identity.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, "Batman and the Corsair of Crime"


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