The Flash #262

    The Flash » The Flash #262 - With This Ring...I Thee Master! released by DC Comics on June 1, 1978.

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    The Ringmaster grants an exclusive interview to Picture News reporter, Iris West. Unbeknownst to the Ringmaster, and West, they are being tailed by the Flash. Overcoming his bout of jealousy, the Flash breaks off his pursuit, and returns to police headquarters. The captain of the precinct house escorts Doctor Soames to the holding cell. There, Doctor Soames begins her interview/analysis of Lisa Snart, the notorious Golden Glider. Snart uses a diamond-shaped ice cube to mesmerize Soames.

    With Soames thus entranced, Snart reveals the details of her latest revenge scheme against the Flash. Snart had outfoxed the Flash in their last encounter. Snart then hypnotized a young writer, Beau Baer, into becoming her pawn, the Ringmaster. Snart staged a very public confrontation with the Ringmaster, allowing Central City's newest champion to apprehend her. The captain of the precinct house, also mesmerized, returns with Snart's Golden Glider costume, and weaponry.

    Leaving Soames entranced, Snart breaks jail. Police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, responds to the alarm, as the Flash. In a matter of seconds, the Flash has searched every floor of police headquarters, until he comes face-to-face with the Golden Glider. The Flash charges the Golden Glider, only to lose traction on the pearls she has strewn across the floor. The Flash skids right out the window. So fast is the Flash, he is able to literally run across the falling shards of glass, back up to the window.

    He stops short, however, when he sees West in an amorous embrace with the Ringmaster, passionately kissing him. The Flash begins to fall. Realizing he's just fallen for one of the Golden Glider's illusions, the Flash skids to a halt along the wall, then runs back up to the window. The Flash leaps onto the Golden Glider's ice-trail, in hot pursuit of his quarry. The ice-trail, however, is being generated by a pair of remote controlled skates. The Golden Glider has made good her escape, and outfoxed the Flash again.

    Realizing he's lost the faith of the populace of Central City, the Flash begins a vigorous campaign of super-speed rescues, and crime fighting. The Ringmaster holds a press conference, with West by his side, offering to team-up with the Flash, to bring the Golden Glider to justice. West returns home to a very jealous husband. The Flash, as Allen, all but accuses West of infidelity. West doesn't deny his accusations. Adding fuel to Allen's anger, and fears, is the fact that West has stopped wearing her wedding ring.

    In it's place on her finger is a ring given to her by the Ringmaster. Abruptly, West storms out, declaring her intention to resume her unmarried life. Allen is left in a state of shock and despair. The Ringmaster escorts West around Central City. Suddenly, their attention is drawn to the falling body of the Flash. The Ringmaster snags the Flash's ankles, and wrist, with his levitating rings. The "Flash", though, turns out to simply be a dummy, with a note taped to it, declaring that "Flash Is Finished!" The real Flash arrives to accept the Ringmaster's offer of a partnership.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Aquaman in "The Imperiled Sub"

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