The Flash #261

    The Flash » The Flash #261 - "The Lure Of The Ringmaster!" released by DC Comics on May 1, 1978.

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    Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, answers a pay phone, thinking it might be a criminal informant. The caller is actually the Golden Glider, who Allen has, somehow not noticed is calling from the adjacent pay phone. The Golden Glider taunts Allen with her knowledge if his secret identity. Knowing that he won't jeopardize his secret identity, on the street, in broad daylight, the Golden Glider blasts Allen. Allen rides the momentum generated by the Golden Glider's blast, through a hedge wall, where he dons his costume.

    The Flash races to engage the Golden Glider, only to be blasted from above. While the Flash is dazed, the Golden Glider slips a pair of special ice-skates on his feet. Attempting to run, the Flash is carried into the air by the skates. Latching onto a building spire, the Flash spins around, at high velocity, until the skates are torn from his feet by centrifugal force. The Flash leaps down to the Golden Glider's ice-trail, in pursuit of his adversary. The Flash is just about to catch the Golden Glider, when an errantly thrown frisbee strikes him.

    At the velocity the Flash was moving, the frisbee is able to knock him from the ice-trail, casting him down to the ground. The Golden Glider skates away to freedom. Returning home in a heavily soiled uniform, the Flash's wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, is none to thrilled that her husband has ruined their couch, by sitting down on it in his filthy costume. The Flash, as Allen, awakes the next morning to a note from his wife. West has gone into work early, to conduct an interview with Central City's newest defender, the Ringmaster. Allen has never heard of the Ringmaster.

    At police headquarters, Allen is surprised to see the Golden Glider in custody, apparently brought in by the Ringmaster. Allen, along with several other officers, watch a film reel of the Ringmaster's battle against the Golden Glider. Allen is somewhat perturbed over his fellow officers fawning admiration of the Ringmaster, seemingly dismissing all Allen has done for Central City, in his guise, as the Flash. Allen arrives for his lunch date with West, only to learn that she is, at that very moment, interviewing the Ringmaster. West asks the Ringmaster for a demonstration of his amazing rings.

    The Ringmaster pelts West with four rings, knocking her off the rooftop. Seeing his wife falling to her death, Allen responds as the Flash. The rings, though, enlarge and lock around West's wrists and ankles, levitating her back up to the roof. The Flash reaches the rooftop just in time to see West walk off with the Ringmaster. The Flash clearly sees the Ringmaster make a play for West. In her cell, the Golden Glider contemplates her current scheme to drive the Flash and West apart, with her pawn, the Ringmaster.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman in "Dilemma"


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