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The Pied Piper and the Weather Wizard race towards the Mirror Master, left unconscious, in an alleyway, by the Flash. Before the two felons can escape with their fallen comrade, they are stopped by the police. One of the officers activates the police siren to signal for backup. The Pied Piper usurps control of the siren, amplifying it's sound, then converting it into a sonic attack that fells the police officers. The Weather Wizard summons a tornado, which the three Rogues ride back to their secret lair. After some minor squabbling, between the Rogues, over who should have been placed on the search detail for the Mirror Master, the Trickster sees to their fallen comrade. Pulling back the Mirror Master's cowl reveal the masked countenance of the Flash.

The Rogues immediately bring their respective weapons to bear, but the Flash easily dodges them all. Racing in a circle around the Rogues, the Flash leaves after-images of himself to draw the Rogues' fire. While the Rogues fire on ghosts, the Flash moves in behind them and beats them all into unconsciousness. Just before the Flash hauls the Rogues off to jail, the Top appears, to taunt the Flash. The Flash is quick to attack, but the Top simply disappears. The Flash is startled by this turn of events, as the Top has been dead for several months. The Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, picks up his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, for dinner. West is surprised to see Allen, as she was unaware they had dinner reservations that night.

West is even more surprised to see that Allen is sporting a crew cut, the hairstyle he had when they were dating. Even more puzzling , after dinner, Allen walks West back to her old apartment. West realizes that Allen has no memory of their marriage, and believes that they are still dating. Uncertain as to the cause of his memory loss, West plays along with Allen's delusion. West ends up taking a cab ride to her home. Allen heads to his laboratory, at police headquarters, where he is accosted by the Top. Revealing that he knows Allen is the Flash, the Top challenges his old foe to a duel. Allen, as the Flash, charges the Top, who alters his molecular structure into that of a man-sized Top. The Flash runs ever faster around the spinning Top, causing it to unravel.

The molecular energy spirals out, reconfiguring itself back into the Top's normal, human form. The Flash tries to grab the Top, only to suffer a powerful electric shock, that floors him. West sees an interview with the Flash, that occurred immediately after the fight. In the interview, the Flash clearly has no knowledge of the Top's death, a fact that troubles West. Mazdan, one of the Flash's early enemies, appears in West's living room. Imprisoning West in an energy cage, Mazdan reveals that he has erased the Flash's memories an equal number of years as Mazdan was incarcerated. The Golden Glider, having also seen the interview, sets out to discover who is impersonating her deceased lover. The Top attacks Allen on the street. Allen, as the Flash, defends himself.

The Top, anticipating the Flash's tactics, counters by releasing concealed streamers that bind the Flash. Vibrating his molecules at super-human speed, the Flash becomes insubstantial and passes down through the street, escaping from his bindings. The Top brings a new weapon to bear, only to have it snatched from his grasp. The Flash comes up behind the Top, and beats him down. Having defeated his enemy, the Flash reveals that he knows the "Top" is really Mazdan. The electric shock the Flash received, in their prior encounter, restored the Flash's memory. Unbeknownst to Mazdan, it was not the Flash who disarmed him, but the Golden Glider. As the Flash escorts Mazdan away, the Golden Glider watches from afar, plotting her next revenge scheme against the Flash.


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