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The Flash rescues a little girl, who has leapt off the ledge of her building, to save her cat. As the Flash makes his way back up the building, to return the girl, and her cat, home, he sees the Mirror Master, standing in the window of a lower apartment. After returning the girl to her mother, the Flash races back down the building, then creates a powerful sucking vacuum, at super-human speed, to draw the Mirror Master out. Instead of the Mirror Master, an old man, still in bed, is pulled out of his window. Realizing the Mirror Master was merely a reflection, the Flash returns his hapless victim, along with his belongings, back into the apartment.

Spying the Mirror Master on the street, the Flash gives chase. Incredibly, the image of the Mirror Master is able to stay ahead of the Flash. The Flash is led to an abandoned windmill, where he finds not only the Mirror Master waiting for him, but Captain Cold, the Pied Piper, the Trickster, and the Weather Wizard, as well. The Flash's Rogues' Gallery begin applauding the Scarlet Speedster. Before the Flash can react, he is frozen in place by Captain Cold. The Pied PIper hands the Flash an honorary Roscoe Award, named after the Flash's deceased enemy Roscoe Dillon, infamously known as the Top. The Rogues are awarding the Flash for forcing them to become greater villains.

The Flash finally gets his molecules moving, then collapses the windmill with a super-speed generated hurricane. When the debris cloud clears, however, the Rogues are nowhere to be found. Returning home, the Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, is surprised to see that his houseguest, Stacy Conwell, has returned from her studies abroad, in Europe. Allen is even more surprised to see Conwell practicing black magic rituals, in her bedroom. Hearing the sounds of his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, coming home, Allen races to intercept her, before she sees what Conwell is doing. After greeting his wife, Allen's attention is drawn to the television newscast.

The evening news gives a different account of the little girl's earlier rescue, one which doesn't indicate any involvement at all by the Flash. Allen is too outraged to notice West and Conwell's reunion. Suddenly, Allen feels himself being drawn beneath the surface of the Earth, to a deep underground cavern. There, he is confronted by Mazdan, an old enemy, from the future. Allen, as the Flash, brings the cavern crumbling down around Mazdan, before spinning his opponent at incredible velocity. Mazdan, though, reveals that Allen is still in his kitchen, and that their entire encounter is merely an illusion projected directly into Allen's mind.

Allen points out his Roscoe Award, sitting on the kitchen counter, to West and Conwell, but neither woman sees anything. Allen retires to the couch, left wondering how to determine between reality and Mazdan's illusions. Allen is torn from his reverie by the alarm from his Justice League of America signal device. Answering the call, the Flash encounters the Trickster, apparently in the midst of digging up hidden loot. The Trickster attempts to flee, with a rocket-propelled shovel, but the Flash brings him down with a super-speed generated dirt-tornado. The Flash carries the Trickster along with him, to his rendezvous with the Justice League of America.

The Flash meets up with Aquaman and Hawkman. The two heroes join hands with the Flash, then begin singing and dancing. As they cavort around, Hawkman becomes a dancing hawk and Aquaman, a dancing fish. The Flash realizes the whole scenario has been another of Mazdan's illusions. With no way to determine truth from fiction, the Flash falls to his knees, utterly defeated. The Trickster arrives at the abandoned Ajax Warehouse, to report his encounter with the Flash. The Rogues used the Mirror Master's teleport-lens to escape the windmill. The Trickster reveals that it isn't the Roscoe Award that is driving the Flash insane, though it is true that only the Flash can see it. Realizing their arch-nemesis is at an extreme disadvantage, the Rogues gear up to take their scheme to the next level.


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