The Flash #251

    The Flash » The Flash #251 - Vengeance On Ice! released by DC Comics on July 1, 1977.

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    Right outside the Allen Residence, Golden Glider just shot at Iris for she figured out that Iris was indeed the Flash's Lover. Still trapped within a type of Energy top type force-field, Flash does some quick thinking and vibrates through and heads towards Iris with the intention to save her from the blast. At first, it looks like he was too late...

    But Flash is and saves Iris by taking the blast. Iris is grateful to be rescue but notices that he isn't moving and goes to turn him over. Taking the full blunt of the blast for her, got him basically freeze-dried and not moving. During this, Golden Glider skates off while not believing how she missed for she had Iris RIGHT there in her sights--and hopes that he's alive for he has to suffer like she has.

    Neighbors come about, not believing their eyes seeing the Flash there--also thinking he's a goner while Iris weeps. Being lead away from the body, the on-lookers are then shocked to see The Flash starting to becoming a type of blur on the ground. Somehow, he reconstructs and restores every atom in his body and stands. Iris, very happy but also stressed faints against a fellow neighbor. The Flash suggests he take her home so her husband can take care of her.

    Getting home, Iris and Barry discuss over why Golden Glider would want to kill her and not him in which Barry says he has some ideas but no firm answers.

    Somewhere within the city, Golden Glider is taking apart the gun to discover that it can only be programmed to a certain person's molecular structure at a time and goes to start re-programming it for a certain Iris Allen.

    Around the same time within the State Penitentiary, Captain Cold is ranting in his cell over the fact his sister left him defenseless where the Flash could get him. Continuing on, he goes on about how She and the Flash better watch for him and after a final yell, tenses up and drops to the floor where a few moments later? He is confirmed dead and confuses the staff and the doctor for he stated the man was in perfect health.

    Next Day, Barry and Iris are seen walking downtown, talking about the Rogues and how Golden Glider is different for she has a driven look that reminds him of Batman. He has two clues which are her Top Gimmicks and Captain Cold's gun and before he could continue, Barry turns to see Iris being abducted into a light ray that's connected to a Fly Top. Changing into Flash, he rushes after her to tackle Iris from the beam and lands with her safely to the ground. Having thought to himself during this whole situation, He's convinced that this all must connect to The Top--but why is Golden Glider apart of it as well?

    While asking Iris to speak to him, She does speak but as Golden Glider speaking through her, saying how she knows this woman is his love and that she will not last much longer for he ended The Top's life thus bringing it down to 'A love for a love!'

    Later that day, Barry goes though the official files of Roscoe 'The Top' Dillon in which there is no record of him having a lover but series of events that connects her to him as well as Captain Cold to her also. His research is disrupted as he gets a call from Daphne (for he promised to see her plane off). Covering his mouth, he pretends that he's a fellow co-worker and then zips over to be right beside her. Daphne and Barry talk and he ask a Favor (that would clear her name in the eyes of He and Iris) in which she takes him up on it.

    That night within the Central City Morgue, Two guards are playing cards and a certain drawer with a body within starts to ice over. The drawer slams out upon the floor with the iced over body in which an 'ice-man' slowly starts to stand. It shoots at the Two men with an ice blast and knocks them out. The ice man starts melting to reveal its Len Snart, having learned to go into a Sub-zero Metabolic Trance to simulate Death. Taking one of the man's clothes, he sneaks out to go get his Captain Cold gear on and 'settle some debts with his darling sister and the Flash.'

    A new day, and Barry received tickets to see an ice show that night but he's certain its a trap. Figuring out the connection between Top, Golden Glider and Captain Cold, He decides to go to this show and bringing Iris as well. At the Central City Palace, Lisa Star takes the ice with her baton as Barry and Iris watch from front row box seats. The ice skater tosses her baton into the air, catches, aims and shoots Iris. She falls and its known that Lisa Star is Golden Glider. But, 'Iris' doesn't parish for it wasn't Iris at all, It was Daphne looking like Iris thus the cold gun technology wouldn't work on her.

    On ice skates, The Flash goes out to take on Golden Glider but she goes to take to her air and skate. Almost away, Captain Cold comes to the scene to trap her. She gets free and it turns into a slight sibling battle on ice. Grabbing the tail of his hood, Glider drags Cold about the ice while all forgetting about The Flash. Taking this opportunity, He zips about the siblings to spray ice over them continuously. After a few more moments, The siblings are now trapped within ice, Daphne takes off her Iris disguise and the crowd goes wild due to the show they witness--wanting an encore.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman & Robin in "Birds of a Feather"


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