The Flash #247

    The Flash » The Flash #247 - The Mad, Mad Earth Of Abra Kadabra!" released by DC Comics on March 1, 1977.

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    The Flash sits inside a specially designed prison cell, awaiting his trial for the murder of Abra Kadabra. The malevolent magician, however, is actually alive, having just materialized on Earth-2, in Keystone City, in the year 1976. Unaware of the existence of Earth-2, Abra Kadabra erroneously believes he has materialized on Earth-1, in Central City. His confusion only grows when he is drawn to a crowd of admirers, all of whom have gathered to praise the Golden Age Flash.

    Meanwhile, in the year 6376, the Flash executes his 36th escape attempt from his cell. The walls and floor of the cell are outfitted with special plates that match the Flash's vibratory rate, preventing him from vibrating his molecules through the walls at super-speed. After being repelled yet again, the Flash switches tactics. This time the Flash allows his momentum to ricochet him off the walls, in the hopes that the response time of the plating will be off, just enough, to allow him to escape. The walls hold.

    Ultimately, the Flash is rendered unconscious, from his multiple impacts with the walls, ceiling and floor of his cell. Abra Kadabra is at a loss to explain the changes in his surroundings, and in the Flash himself. In order to confirm that the Golden Age Flash is, in fact, his old foe, Abra Kadabra draws him out with an illusion. The Golden Age Flash recognizes Abra Kadabra, from pictures the Silver Age Flash has shown him. The Golden Age Flash races to confront Abra Kadabra.

    The Golden Age Flash spins at super-human speed to repel the giant, solidified musical notes Abra Kadabra has hurled at him. Anticipating that particular super-speed tactic, Abra Kadabra tosses his cape at the Golden Age Flash's spinning form. The fabric wraps tightly around the Golden Age Flash, suffocating him. The Flash hurls the chair in his cell at the wall. While the plating is responding to the chair's vibratory rate, the Flash is able to slip through the walls of his cell.

    The Flash is immediately attacked by a pair of security robots. The Flash shakes them to pieces, then flees. With the Golden Age Flash paralyzed, and levitating before him, Abra Kadabra conducts an interrogation. Realizing that Abra Kadabra is confused, the Golden Age Flash decides to play into Abra Kadabra's delusion, to garner information. Abra Kadabra reveals how he tricked the Golden Age Flash's counterpart into coming to the future, and "murdering" him.

    Abra Kadabra was seemingly disintegrated by the Flash's high-velocity killing blow. In reality, Abra Kadabra's molecules were shunted back in time. Unbeknownst to Abra Kadabra, he was also shunted through dimensional space, arriving on Earth-2, instead of Earth-1. The Golden Age Flash keeps silent, prompting Abra Kadabra to level his wand at him, and blast the Golden Age Flash into oblivion. Using one of the security robots, the Flash recreates the murder of Abra Kadabra.

    Matching vibratory rates with the robot, the Flash is drawn back through time, and across the dimensional gulf, to Earth-2. Instantly recognizing his surroundings, the Flash scours Keystone City, in search of his counterpart. The Flash rescues the Golden Age Flash, ferrying him away before Abra Kadrabra's wand can strike. The Flash breaks the Golden Age Flash's paralysis with a super-speed massage, then confronts Abra Kadabra. Abra Kadabra conures a giant banana peel in front of the Flash, causing him to go flying through the air.

    The Golden Age Flash catches his Silver Age counterpart, then both men join forces against Abra Kadabra. Abra Kadabra is baffled at the existence of two Flashes. In his bewilderment, he is easy prey for the Scarlet Speedsters, who recreate Abra Kadabra's "murder" once more. Abra Kadabra is hurled back to the future, where he is picked up by the authorities. Abra Kadabra continually irritates his jailers, with a wild tale of two Flashes, two Earths, and two cities. All of which seemed to be one thing, but, were, in fact, different. Meanwhile, the two Flashes sit down with Joan Garrick, the wife of the Golden Age Flash, for a pot roast dinner.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Aquaman in "That Dirty Beach"



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