The Flash #246

    The Flash » The Flash #246 - "Kill Me, Flash-- Faster... Faster!"; Fury of the Floronic Man! released by DC Comics on January 1, 1977.

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    "Kill Me, Flash--Faster...Faster!"

    Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, their houseguest, Stacy Conwell, and her boyfriend, Chuck Marston, are all bowling. As Marston's bowling ball rolls down the alley, it begins to increase in size and speed, ultimately smashing through the back wall. Allen goes after Marston's bowling ball, as the Flash.

    Intercepting the rolling juggernaut, the Flash vibrates into the bowling ball, to shatter it from within. This is the third inexplicable, physics defying phenomena to occur in the Flash's presence, over the last few days. The Flash decides to return to police headquarters, the site of the first phenomena. The Flash uncovers a golden pyramid, hidden on a shelf in his laboratory.

    The moment the Flash picks up the pyramid, he is transported, in time, to the 64th Century. The Flash's attention is drawn to the sound of applause. A large crowd has gathered about the Flash's arch-nemesis, Abra Kadabra, and are showering the malevolent magician with praise. The police inform the Flash that it's all part of Abra Kadabra's rehabilitation.

    As Abra Kadabra was driven to commit crime out of some psychotic craving for admiration, he receives constant applause to both fulfill that need, as well as suppress his criminal urges. The golden pyramid begins to pulse with light. Suddenly, the Flash bolts out of police headquarters, and tears off after Abra Kadabra. Against his very will, the Flash feels compelled to murder Abra Kadabra.

    After beating the magician mercilessly, at super-human speed, the Flash finally delivers the high-velocity killing blow. Abra Kadabra seemingly disintegrates on impact. The Flash is swiftly arrested by the authorities, for the cold-blooded murder of Abra Kadabra.

    Fury Of The Floronic Man!

    The Green Lantern's alien companion, Itty, desperately tries to warn the Green Lantern of impending danger. At the command of the Floronic Man, branches and tree limbs rain down upon the Green Lantern. The Green Lantern protects himself with a power ring constructed umbrella.The Floronic Man raises a cactus. With the Green Lantern focused on protecting himself from the barrage of tree limbs, the Floronic Man hurls a cactus needle into the Green Lantern's neck. The Green Lantern immediately begins acting erratically, as the sting of the cactus needle instills a temporary insanity upon him.

    The Green Lantern flies into a redwood, knocking himself unconscious upon impact. The Green Lantern awakens completely covered in tree sap. To make matters worse, his power ring is in the possession of the Floronic Man. While the Floronic Man outlines his evil schemes for world domination, Itty uses the power ring to free the Green Lantern. Reclaiming his power ring, the Green Lantern uses it to freeze the moisture in the ground, and the air, encasing the Floronic Man in ice. His opponent defeated, the Green Lantern recharges his power ring. Oddly, he seems to hear Itty reciting the oath with him.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman in "The Muse"



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