The Flash #244

    The Flash » The Flash #244 - "The Last Day Of June Is The Last Day Of Central City!" released by DC Comics on September 1, 1976.

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    Dexter Myles, curator of the Flash Museum, installs a new memorial figure of the Top. Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, and his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, attend the Top's funeral. Allen overhears a police radio bulletin, regarding a bank robbery. Allen, as the Flash, races to the scene of the crime, to confront Captain Boomerang. As the Flash closes on him, Captain Boomerang summons a fleet of remote controlled, flying boomerangs. The Flash sets up an air brake with his super-speed, inadvertently powering up the boomerangs. After a grazing blow nearly lays him out, the Flash flees, with the boomerangs in hot pursuit. The boomerangs keep pace with the Flash, even vibrating so fast as to pass harmlessly through solid objects. Out on a lake, the Flash whips up a column of water, trapping the boomerangs, and causing them to detonate.

    Returning to the scene of the crime, the Flash is astonished to learn that Captain Boomerang didn't steal a single penny. Captain Boomerang meets up with the Weather Wizard and Heat Wave, back at their secret lair. All three men have successfully retrieved an explosive device, planted by the Top, at three of the Top's last six crime scenes. Knowing that he was dying, the Top decided to take Central City with him, by planting the six explosives around the city. The only way to stop the detonation is to collect all of the explosives, and stack them atop one another. The Rogues have set out to do just that, but the Top is counting on the Flash to stop them, thus dooming his own city to destruction. Having retrieved his part of the explosive, Captain Cold rampages through the streets of Central City, freezing everything in his sight.

    Building up heat friction at super-human speed, the Flash melts the ice, and uses the sudden flood water to overwhelm Captain Cold. Once again, the Flash discovers that nothing has been stolen from the crime scene. Emptying Captain Cold's bag, the Flash finds the Top's explosive. Uncertain as to what he's dealing with, the Flash, as Allen, studies the disc-shaped device, back in the laboratory, at police headquarters. The Rogues fume over Captain Cold's failure. Under a literal cloud of invisibility, the Weather Wizard elects to break into police headquarters and retrieve the explosive. At dinner, Allen looks over his wife's research material on the Top, and suddenly realizes the purpose of the disc-shaped device. Allen races back to police headquarters, only to find that the device has been stolen.

    On the local news, Allen watches a live feed of the Trickster, escaping from the Ace Fur Company, having just robbed it. Having figured out the true motivation behind the Rogues' non-robberies, Allen does nothing to interfere with the Trickster's escape. Allen determines where the final bomb will be, and heads out, as the Flash. The Central City police have also figured out the Rogues' pattern, and have surrounded the Central National Bank. When the Mirror Master appears on the scene, the Flash takes steps to prevent the police from interfering with the Mirror Master's retrieval of the device. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash employs tactics that not only prevents the police from taking action against the Mirror Master, but also keeps the Mirror Master from ever knowing the police are even there.

    As the Mirror Master heads back to his secret lair, the Flash follows. The Flash, though, has underestimated the Mirror Master. Spying the Flash in his rearview mirror, the Mirror Master fires his distortion gun at the Flash, without even bothering to look back. The Mirror Master arrives at the hideout, with the final piece of the Top's bomb, and the horrifically warped body of the Flash. Stacking the explosives atop one another activates a pre-recorded message from the Top. The explosives have to be stacked in an exact configuration. Worse, the Rogues have only 60 seconds, to work through 720 possible combinations, before the bomb detonates. With the Rogues frantically stacking the explosives, the Flash has time to reconfigure his molecular structure, returning it to normal. Taking over for the Rogues, the Flash runs through all 720 combinations, until the bomb is disarmed. The crisis averted, the Flash rounds up the Rogues, then returns home to his wife.


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