The Flash #242

    The Flash » The Flash #242 - The Charge of The Electric Gang!; All Creatures Great and Small! released by DC Comics on June 1, 1976.

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    The Charge Of The Electric Gang!

    Racing into a bank robbery in progress, the Flash is startled to find the tellers, guards, and customers all paralyzed. The Flash is confronted by a trio of bank robbers, all of whom seem to be composed of living electricity. Maneuvering around their electrical barrage, the Flash divests the Electric Gang of their stolen loot. After a second electrical assault fails, the Electric Gang completely converts their bodies into pure electricity, and escapes through the phone lines. The bank security guard mentions a prior encounter the Flash had with the Electric Gang. The Flash has no recollection of it. Unnoticed by the Flash, as he speaks with the guard, Samuel Scudder, the notorious Mirror Master, enters the bank to make a, legal, withdrawal. The Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, meets his wife, Picture News Reporter, Iris West, for lunch.

    West confirms that Allen did, indeed, lose a battle to the Electric Gang several days ago. After West leaves for work, Allen spies her riding in the back of a taxi cab. Allen follows, as the Flash. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash tails West to the Central City Medical Center. Unbeknownst to either the Flash, or West, the clouds above them mask the arrival of the Weather Wizard. Conferring with a doctor, the Flash learns that the Electric Gang powers themselves with the natural electrical aura of their victims. The sudden absorption of the body's natural electric charge temporarily paralyzes the body. West's investigative research into the Electric Gang's robberies has led to a connection to the Ace Floor Cleaning Company. Their company provided floor cleaning services to each of the crime scenes the day prior to the Electric Gang's robberies.

    West surreptitiously watches the cleaning crew do the floors at the Soames Stamp Store. With her attention riveted on the cleaning crew she suspects to be the Electric Gang, West completely misses the figure of Captain Boomerang, as he bounds across the rooftops. Moving so fast as to be invisible, the Flash continues to stalk West. Wondering why she would keep her visit to the doctor a secret from him, the Flash determines that West must be pregnant. West returns to the Soames Stamp Store, just in time to encounter the Electric Gang, mid-robbery. With a single step, West short-circuits the Electric Gang, revealing them to, in fact, be the Ace Floor Cleaning Company crew. Still carrying enough of charge to be threat, the Electric Gang fire on West. The Flash rescues West.

    Moving so fast his feet never actually touch the floor, the Flash is immune to the Electric Gang's charge. They themselves, however, are not, as the Flash proves by re-directing their charge back into them. West learned that, as the Ace Floor Cleaning Company crew, the Electric Gang laid down a special chemical coating on the floors, which allowed them to absorb their victim's body electricity. West began visiting a doctor, to receive special shock treatments, that would allow her to negate the Electric Gang's electrical fields. West actually revealed all of this to the Flash before but, as with his first encounter with the Electric Gang, the Flash has no recollection of any of it. Meanwhile, in a warehouse across the street, the Mirror Master, the Weather Wizard and Captain Boomerang, are joined by their fellow Rogues, Captain Cold, Heat Wave and the Trickster. The Rogues' Gallery has come together to mourn the death of one of their own.

    "All Creatures Great And Small!"

    Having thwarted the schemes of the Ravagers of Olys four times, the Green Lantern pursues them to Earth. One of the Ravagers leaves their ship, outfitted with a jet pack. As the Ravager flies low over a hidden valley in India, he releases a cloud of dust. The Green Lantern attacks the Ravager of Olys. After a savage fist fight, the Green Lantern mercilessly beats the Ravage of Olys into unconsciousness. Standing victorious over his opponent, the Green Lantern is attacked by a giant fly. Using his power ring, the Green Lantern creates an energy construct of a spider, to deal with the fly. After recharging his ring, the Green Lantern investigates the effects of the Ravager's dust on the valley.

    The Green Lantern sees a monstrous flea menacing a miniaturized elephant, and a mammoth tick terrorizing a tiny tiger. After rescuing the imperiled animals, the Green Lantern seals off the valley, to keep the monstrous insects from escaping. Using his power ring, the Green Lantern triggers a torrential downpour. With the rain washing the dust away, the effects on the valley's inhabitants are reversed. The Green Lantern blasts the jet pack off the Ravager, as he attempts to flee back into space. With the Ravager his prisoner, the Green Lantern forces his alien foe to reveal their next target. The Ravager of Olys proclaims that mankind, itself, is their next target.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad "Superman Saves the Earth"


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