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The practice of Illusion

Peyer and Williams do it again.  A fine issue that delves deep in order to discover the fears of the Flash.  I love that Grodd is the proponent of Wally's fear.  However, the main issue here is the aging of Iris West, who apparently is super-effected by here indwelt speed abilities to age really fast.  Thus, A day in the life (the entire life of Iris).  The major theme so far is that of fear: Wally's fear.  How is Wally going to provide life for his family?  First comes the basic surface expression of needing money, which leads to the first conflict.  But now fear is manifesting in that which Wally can't stop: his kids' aging process, and losing his life with his children. 

So the question asked is, "How much of this is a manifested Illusion of fear, and how much is reality?"

The one failure of this issue was Linda's reaction to Wally's secret mission.  If one looks back to Terminal Velocity, Linda was enraged at Wally keeping secrets to protect Linda.  He's doing it again, but there is no tie to Wally's secretive past.  That could add to the tension being developed.  

One issue to go, See you next month


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