The Flash #241

    The Flash » The Flash #241 - Steal, Flash, Steal!; To Kill A Star! released by DC Comics on May 1, 1976.

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    "Steal, Flash, Steal!"

    Tim Scott, reporter for "On The Spot" news, covers the latest clash between the Flash and his nemesis, the Mirror Master. After an epic clash, the Flash flees. Scott comments on the ongoing mystery as to why the two adversaries have seemingly switched roles. This is the third time the Flash has committed a crime that the Mirror Master, who is, himself, a wanted fugitive for escaping prison, failed to stop. Scott airs footage of the Flash's prior two escapes from the Mirror Master. The Mirror Master, it seems, is no better a hero, than he was a villain.

    Despite their role reversal, the Flash still comes out on top, In reality, this is all part of a larger scheme of the Mirror Master, to finally defeat the Flash once and for all. Phoning in a tip, the Mirror Master had lead the Flash into a Hall of Mirrors. There, the Flash was brainwashed into believing that he had always been a master thief. As the Flash's heroic nature struggles against his criminal brainwashing, the MIrror Master notices that he comes closer and closer to, finally, defeating his old foe. Having failed to convince her husband that he's not in his right mind, Picture News Reporter, Iris West, enlists the aid of Flash Museum curator, Dexter Myles, to restore the Flash's mind.

    The Flash makes a move to rob the Emerald Exposition, only to find the Mirror Master waiting for him. Before the Mirror Master can bring his newest mirror weapon to bear, Heat Wave burns his way in, through the ceiling. Despite his protestations that the Mirror Master is the hero, Heat Wave attacks the Flash. With Heat Wave's intrusion ruining his gambit, the Mirror Master opts to flee, before the police arrive. Heat Wave offers the Flash a truce, until they've dealt with the Mirror Master. Literally running on the beam from Heat Wave's gun, the Flash races into the sky, in pursuit of the Mirror Master.

    Bringing his old foe down to Earth, the Flash turns the Mirror Master over to the authorities. The Flash whisks "Heat Wave" away to the Flash Museum, where the fiery felon's identity is revealed to be Myles. The Flash doesn't have the heart to reveal that he had already broken Mirror Master's conditioning, before Myles arrived, impersonating Heat Wave. The Flash had noticed that the Mirror Master was always tense around the police, while the Flash remained calm, indicating that they were behaving opposite to their true nature.

    "To Kill A Star!"

    The Green Lantern has thwarted three of the six "Holy" tasks of the Ravagers Of Olys. At the behest of one of the Guardians of the Universe, the Green Lantern heads to the planet, Jotham. The Guardian urges the Green Lantern to take one of the Ravager's ships with him to Jotham. Before the Guardian can explain why, cosmic storm radiation disrupts his transmission.

    After recharging his power ring, the Green Lantern tows the derelict Ravager ship to Jotham. The Ravagers of Olys fire on the Green Lantern, as a distraction, while missiles are fired into the Jotham sun. The Green Lantern uses the derelict ship to block the Ravagers' weapons' fire. The intense gravity of the Jotham sun bends the Green Lantern's power beam away from the fleeing Ravagers.

    A quick check with his power ring confirms that the Jotham sun is cooling down. The Green Lantern confers with the ruling body of Jotham, in the hopes that they have a nuclear weapon capable of re-igniting their sun. The Jotham do not. Using his power ring, the Green Lantern modifies the derelict ship's reactors into the kind of bomb he needs to re-ignite the Jotham sun. The mission accomplished, the Green Lantern passes out from exhaustion.\


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad "Batman and Twinkieless Gotham City"


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