The Flash #240

    The Flash » The Flash #240 - Collision Course with Disaster!; The Floods Will Come! released by DC Comics on March 1, 1976.

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    "Collision Course With Disaster!"

    While the Flash and Kid Flash exercise at super-human speed, Picture News reporter, Iris West, expresses her concerns for her houseguest, Stacy Conwell. At that moment, Conwell, as if in a trance, bears witness to a traffic accident, in Central City. The Flash, in his guise as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, sees a photograph of Conwell, at the scene of the accident. Returning home, Allen speaks with West, who has recovered torn pages from Conwell's diary, from the trash. In the hopes of discerning the whole story, West has sent Kid Flash off after the trash collector, to retrieve any more pages from the diary. Kid Flash catches up with the truck, after it has deposited it's load in the incinerator.

    At super-human speed, Kid Flash sifts through Central City's garbage, inside the incinerator, retrieving the diary pages before they are destroyed. From her writings, it appears Conwell is being haunted by the ghost of her sister, Sarah, who died in an automobile collision. Keeping a watchful eye on Conwell, the Flash and Kid Flash follow her to the scene of another automobile accident. Thanks to the presence of the Scarlet Speedsters, disaster is averted on the interstate, though Kid Flash sprains his ankle. The Flash, as Allen, reveals to Conwell that she isn't being haunted by a her sister's ghost. It is, in fact, Conwell herself who has been sleepwalking to all these accident scenes. Under hypnosis, Conwell reveals that she saw an alien ship crash, in the woods.

    The ship broadcast a distress signal directly into Conwell's brain. Ever since that moment, Conwell gained a precognitive ability to predict vehicular accidents, as well as a compulsion to bear witness to them. Allen, as the Flash, investigates the alien crash site. The Flash, too, receives the alien distress signal, and immediately races off to Canada. There, the Flash uses his super-human speed to generate enough heat friction to de-ice a runway, allowing a small plane to land safely. Returning to the alien crash site, the Flash receives the distress signal again. Realizing that the robot craft itself is about to explode, the Flash buries it deep beneath the ground, rendering it's detonation harmless. The automated distress signal goes silent in Conwell's brain, returning her to normal.

    "The Floods Will Come!"

    Having thwarted two of the six "Holy" tasks of the Ravagers of Olys, the Green Lantern departs the Vivarium, intent on stopping a third. One of the Vivarium's inhabitants, an alien creature known as an "Ayrie" travels with the Green Lantern. Though the tiny creature is incapable of speech, the Green Lantern, nonetheless, welcomes the company. The Green Lantern dubs the creature "Itty". Spying a comet about to impact with the Vivarium, the Green Lantern deflects it with his power ring. After recharging his power ring, the Green Lantern tracks the Ravagers of Olys to the planet, Archos.

    With a ravager ship already in orbit over the planet, the Green Lantern investigates what new peril the Ravagers have instigated. On the planet's surface, the Green Lantern sees a massive tidal wave crashing down on the primitive inhabitants of Archos. The Green Lantern bars the wave with a power ring constructed dam of Archos soil. Quickly, the Green Lantern determines that the water level of Archos is rapidly rising, threatening the entire planet's population. The Green Lantern boards the Ravager's ship, to confront his foes. A blue-ape like creature closes on the Green Lantern.

    The Green Lantern is just about to blast his adversary with a power ring beam, Itty encircles his ring. Itty attracts the Green Lantern's eye to a projector. Realizing the creature is a hologram, the Green Lantern walks through it, discovering a large mirror behind it. Had the Green Lantern unleashed the full force of his power beam, it's energy would have been redirected back at him. The Green Lantern realizes the robot ship is controlling the comet that nearly hit the Vivarium. The same comet that has created the cataclysm on Archos. Using the Olys mirror to repel the lingering comet trail encircling Archos, the Green Lantern restores the planet to normal.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Shazam in "The Cup Cake Caper"



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