The Flash #238

    The Flash » The Flash #238 - A Switch in Crime!; The Day of the Falling Sky! released by DC Comics on December 1, 1975.

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    "A Switch In Crime!"

    A trio of bikers terrorize the streets of Central City. One innocent bystander is struck by a passing biker. Inexplicably, the man the biker ran down, is not the man loaded into the ambulance. At super-human speed, the Flash disassembles the gang's bikes, then ferries them to jail. In the ambulance, the biker victim disappears. In his place appears the president of the Federal Security Bank. Upon delivering the gang to jail, the Flash is informed of a strange occurrence at the Federal Security Bank. The bank's president, bizarrely, sealed himself inside his own vault.

    Moving at super-speed, the Flash vibrates into the vault, but the man he pulls out is not the bank's president. Instead, it is a musician named Cosmo Puree, who claims to have been on an airplane, en route to Metropolis. The bank vault has also been emptied of a large sum of money. The Flash races to catch the plane, generating a super-speed tornado, to ascend into the cabin.The Flash confronts the bank robber. Before he can get his hands on him, the thief fades away, leaving another man in his place. The Flash dubs his newest adversary, "Mister Originality", on account of his unorthodox power.

    At home, in his guise as police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, the Flash wrestles with how he's going to apprehend Mister Originality. So intent is he in his musing, that Allen is oblivious to the change in demeanor of his houseguest, Stacy Conwell. He's barely even aware that his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, is even talking to him, when she, inadvertently, gives Allen the clue to solve the case. Realizing he's seen all the men Mister Originality swapped places with, Allen, as the Flash races to Rasmussen's House of Hair.

    There he checks the appointment book, then races to the home of magazine editor, Julian Black, the next name on the list. In mid-conversation, Black fades away, with Mister Originality appearing in his place. The Flash acts too quickly, passing through Mister Originality before the crook has fully materialized. Mister Originality fades away again. The Flash races into the nearest jail cell, where he is replaced by Mister Originality. Taking possession of Mister Originality's belt, deprives the crook of the necessary personal objects Mister Originality needs to swap places with others.

    Mister Originality was using clipped hairs from the hair salon's customers. The last name on the appointment ledger was the Flash's civilian identity, Barry Allen. Knowing that Mister Originality was about to switch places with him, the Flash took the necessary steps to make sure Mister Originality teleported himself into his very own jail cell. Back in the Allen home, Conwell discovers that pages of her diary have been torn out. Pages that reveal a terrible secret Conwell has been keeping. A secret now known to someone else.

    "The Day Of The Falling Sky!"

    Having foiled one of six tasks the Raiders of Olys have embarked on, the Green Lantern, at the behest of the Guardians of the Universe, races to thwart the Raiders' next gambit. After recharging his power ring, the Green Lantern confronts one of the Raider's defense satellites. With the satellite destroyed, the Green Lantern takes a moment out to dine on a nearby hunk of Star-Manna. The Star-Manna is a cosmic phenomena that can telepathically recreate the scent and taste of it's consumer's favorite food. In the Green Lantern's case, the Star-Manna smells and tastes like chili.

    The Green Lantern's destination is known as "The Vivarium", an artificial world that is home to the Ayries. An Olys satellite descends on the Vivarium. The Green Lantern attempts to destroy it, but it proves resistant to his power beam. One of the Ayries alerts the Green Lantern that the Vivarium's floor and ceiling are being drawn together. The Olys satellite is a powerful magnet. Realizing the satellite's magnetic field is drawing it's energy from his own power ring, the Green Lantern uses his power battery to drain the energy out of the Olys satellite. The crisis averted, the Green Lantern heads off to confront the Raiders of Olys


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, "Batman and the Captive Commissioner"


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