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    "Death Rattle Of The 12-Hour Man!"

    On a camping trip, young Wally West catches sight of a flying saucer. West investigates, as Kid Flash, encountering the Myrmitons. Out of revenge for a prior defeat, the Myrmitons unleash a doomsday machine on the Earth, in the form of a rapidly aging android. With a life expectancy of just 12 hours, the android's death will trigger the destruction of the entire planet. To delay Kid Flash in combating the android, the Myrmitons render him unconscious. Upon awakening, Kid Flash races for Central City, to garner the aid of his mentor, the Flash.

    At that moment, Stacy Conwell, the daughter of murdered District Attorney candidate, Charles Conwell, pays a visit to Barry and Iris Allen. Having applied to Central State Junior College, Conwell is invited to stay with the Allens, until she hears back from the college. Upon seeing Kid Flash race into the room, Barry Allen shouts out loud, to cover his sidekick's words, before Conwell or West become aware of his presence. Kid Flash races backs out of the Allen household, quickly returning in his civilian garb. In private, West brings Allen up to speed on the threat from the Myrmitons.

    Allen and West, as the Flash and Kid Flash, scour the streets of Central City for the android, known as "Bio-X". They encounter the android, now aged into a small child. Bio-X flees from the Scarlet Speedsters. By the time they catch up to it, it has aged into a teenager. Unexpectedly, Bio-X launches itself into the air, taking the Flash and Kid Flash with it. Turning their super-speed against them, the Scarlet Speedsters are spun like propellers, then released. By the time the Scarlet Speedsters have recovered and resumed the search for Bio-X, 6 hours have passed.

    The Flash is the first to re-encounter Bio-X, now grown to adulthood. After a brief battle, wherein Bio-X proves to be just as fast as the Flash, if not faster, the Flash is rendered unconscious. By the time Kid Flash finds and revives him, another three and a half hours have elapsed. Two hours later, the Flash and Kid Flash, as Allen and West, pick up a hitchhiking Bio-X, now appearing as an elderly man, out on Highway 101. Gambling that Bio-X would not recognize them in their civilian identities, Allen and West seize Bio-X, and drag him over a geyser hole.

    Without their super-speed to fuel him, Bio-X is helpless to resist as he is consumed in the blazing hot eruption. The blast, however, has no effect. Bio-X was engineered to be completely impervious to attack. The Scarlet Speedsters never had a chance of defeating it. With only seconds before the android's clock winds down, the Flash quickly places Bio-X in suspended animation, extending it's "life" forever. Conway is accepted at Central State Junior College. Allen reads a letter given to him by Conway's father, before he died. In the letter, the elder Conway requests the Allens look after his daughter, should she be accepted into college. Though it adds a complication in maintaining his secret identity, Allen agrees to Conway's last request.

    Meet Kid Flash

    A quick synopsis of who Wally West is, how he gained his super-speed powers, when the Flash revealed his identity to him, and how his costume was changed to it's current design.

    The Duel Of The Super-Heroes!

    This story was originally published in Green Lantern #13 (June, 1962). A plot synopsis for this story can be found at the link.

    "The Images Of Doom"

    This story was originally published in Flash Comics #94 (April,1948). A plot synopsis for this story can be found at the link.

    "The 9th Wonder Of The World!"

    This story was originally published in Adventure Comics #121 (October,1947). A plot synopsis for this story can be found at the link.

    Vengeance Via Television!

    This story was originally published in The Flash #124 (November, 1961). A plot synopsis for this story can be found at the link.


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