The Flash #231

    The Flash » The Flash #231 - The Only Crook Flash Could Never Catch!; The Man of Destiny! released by DC Comics on February 1, 1975.

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    "The Only Crook Flash Could Never Catch!"

    Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Pied Piper, the Top, and the Weather Wizard gather for their annual Rogues' Gallery convention. For entertainment, each Rogue re-enacts his greatest battle with the Flash, altering the outcome so that the Rogue is triumphant. Meanwhile, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, whips up a quick lunch for his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West. While preparing the salad, Allen works out a stratagem for taking down the Rogues. The Rogues are about to show off their latest innovations in their weapons' technology, when they are interrupted by a dandy, calling himself "The Dude".

    The foppish felon claims to be the Flash's greatest foe, having bested him during each of their conflicts. Despite providing photographic proof of his victories, the Mirror Master demands to see the Dude defeat the Flash with his own eyes. Standing invisibly to bear witness, the Mirror Master watches as the Dude summons the Flash. The two combatants square off in an epic duel. The Dude counters the Flash at every turn, ultimately defeating the Scarlet Speedster. The Mirror Master returns to the convention, and crowns the Dude "Rogue Of The Year". The Mirror Master reveals this year's award, an extremely valuable gemstone, heretofore hidden by one of the Mirror Master's illusions.

    With the gemstone revealed, the Flash storms the convention hall. The Flash strips the Rogues, except for the Mirror Master, of their weapons and costumes, before they can react. The Mirror Master, though, has had time to get the drop on the Flash. The Flash blocks the Mirror Master's shot with Heat Wave's boot, causing his weapon to backfire on him. The Rogues defeated, the Flash, as the Dude, meets West at the theater. In order to take down the assembled Rogues, Allen infiltrated their ranks as "The Dude". Moving faster than the eye could see, Allen was able to stage the fight between the Dude and the Flash, for the Mirror Master's benefit. Allen enjoys the irony of being named "Rogue Of The Year", and looks forward to his foes' next convention.

    "The Man Of Destiny!"

    Astonishingly, the Green Lantern has met former Vice President, Aaron Burr, on a star ship. After sitting down to a dinner, served by Burr's android manservant, Ignatz, Burr tells his tale. He had been in the midst of his duel with Alexander Hamilton, when he was suddenly drawn to an alien world. The aliens replaced Burr, on Earth, with a clone of the former Vice President, freeing Burr up to take his place as their leader. After 170 years, despite Burr's best efforts, there are still pockets of dissent plaguing the alien world. As if to underscore that comment, Ignatz suddenly attacks Burr. The Green Lantern leaps to Burr's defense.

    As he battles Ignatz, the giant android slowly turns color, until it's completely yellow. With his power ring useless against Ignatz's yellow coloring, the Green Lantern is forced to switch tactics. Cutting a hole in the starship's hull, the Green Lantern and Ignatz are sucked into space. Leaving Ignatz to drift helplessly in space forever, the Green Lantern rejoins Burr. Burr confesses to stealing the museum train, Spirit of 76, because he wanted to be near objects from his time again. The Green Lantern takes Burr back to Earth. After breathing in the air of his native world once more, Burr returns to his new world, unwilling to shirk his responsibilities. After returning the Spirit of 76 to Earth, the Green Lantern recharges his ring.


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    Love it for the Cover 0

    The cover is a pretty good example of the hilariously ridiculous campy covers typical of the era (which I Love). I found a copy of this in my local thrift store for 99 cents. The story is typical of comics of this era, nothing spectacular, but entertaining. I also like the campy over-the-top advertisements in these old issues. It looks great on my spinner rack....

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