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So, we open with humans and Gorilla's working together to rebuild central city and erect a statue of the Flash. The mayor and Sullivar make a big speech, when suddenly, there's an Eclipse. This Eclipse, which I know to have been caused by Ultra Man, somehow frees Gorilla Grodd from the Speed Force. During some well written narration about Evolutions, Grodd precedes to smack everyone around like the big bad ass Gorilla that he is. Grodd overpowers everyone, humans, Gorillas, Rogues, everyone and demands they all KNEEL BEFORE GRODD!! Huh, funny I wasn't expecting to hear that until I picked up next weeks issue of Action comics. Either way, awesome. Glimpses of a possible future show Grodd as a supreme ruler. However, even with all that he feels uneasy and bored, so he runs off in search of a challenge.

What Works:

Call me old fashioned, but I just love watching a six hundred pound gorilla beat the sh*t out of everyone.

What Doesn't:

It's very dialogue heavy. Mind you, it's good dialogue, but this issue feels like it takes a long time to say very little.



Definitely a better use of Gorilla's than that pile of crap Joker issue.

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