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King Grodd

Spoilers! Abandon all hope ye who enter here! So I'm checking out all the villain month books to give the new reader perspective and this is where I really hit a bump. I haven't been reading The Flash so I have no idea what the heck is going on. Keep that in mind as you read the review please.

The Good:

Grodd has always been a threatening character, being a huge telepathic gorilla and all, but he takes it to a new level here. This is a great showcase of what he can do as a villain, it hits every mark, his motive, his power, and just how much damage he can do. This issue also actually progresses the current Flash plotline, the first villain month book I've read to do so, and it actually seems like it could have a big impact on things to come. The art is pretty great as well, but once again not really out of the park for me.

The Bad:

This book hits a huge issue with me when it randomly starts killing off D list villains. It's a clear pointless add on deaths of characters that most readers probably didn't even know were still alive. It adds nothing and I find it quite annoying when this sort of thing pops up in an otherwise good issue. The plot for the issue can also come across as pretty cliched, what with a villain ruining peace talks and all that. Hopefully it won't go the obvious route, but only time will tell.


I really enjoyed this issue, besides my gripes about the D list killings(seriously why do Marvel and DC do that so often?) it was a very good read that actually made me want to look into more Flash stuff. If you're a fan of the series right now then this is a must have given the plot importance. If you're interested in The Flash but you're not sure where to start I would ask a fan of the series to help you out because this issue isn't a good jumping on point, even if it's still quite good.

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