The Flash #228

    The Flash » The Flash #228 - The Day I Saved The Life Of The Flash; My Enemy... Myself! released by DC Comics on August 1, 1974.

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    "The Day I Saved The Life Of The Flash"

    En route to Athens, Ohio, for a class reunion, comic book writer, Cary Bates, is pulled over for speeding. After signing an autograph for the police officer's son, Bates gets back under way. A mysterious fog suddenly springs up before Bates. Navigating his way through the dense cloud, Bates comes out the other side to find himself driving, impossibly, into the fictional Central City. Pulling his car over to investigate, Bates is on the street when the Trickster emerges from a bank, and races into the air with the stolen loot. Almost instantly, the Flash arrives on the scene, generating a powerful sucking vortex to drag the Trickster back down to Earth.

    The Trickster unleashes his newest weapon, a seemingly ordinary yo-yo. Under it's influence, the Flash suddenly breaks off his attack, and runs away. Bates drives over to the Allen home, and confronts Picture News reporter, Iris West, with information that no one could possibly know about her parents. West's husband, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, enters the room. Bates lunges at Allen, activating the hidden spring on Allen's ring, releasing Allen's Flash costume. Allen, as the Flash, carries Bates to a remote location for some answers. Without revealing how he knows the things he does, Bates gives the Flash the location to the Trickster's hideout.

    The Trickster's yo-yo begins spinning wildly, alerting him to the Flash's presence. Exposing the Flash, once more, to the yo-yo's emanations, places the Flash in a hypnotic trance. One in which he cannot perceive the Trickster. The Flash departs, leaving Bates behind, having completely forgotten him. Bates hitchhikes back to Central City, but returns to the Trickster's lair, late that night. While the Trickster sleeps, Bates swaps out the Trickster's yo-yo for an ordinary one. Bates then informs the Flash on where the Trickster will strike next. The Flash catches the Trickster in his slipstream, and races him through a carwash. After beating him into unconsciousness, the Flash returns the Trickster to jail. Bates drives through another fog bank to return to his proper dimension, having kept the Trickster's yo-yo as a reminder of his impossible adventure.

    "My Enemy... Myself!"

    Previously, a pair of aliens exposed the Green Lantern to an electrical discharge, meant to disable his power ring. Instead, it has had a psychological effect on the Green Lantern, making him increasingly violent with each use of his power ring. Park Rangers have called upon the Green Lantern to locate, and rescue, a boy scout troop caught, and lost, in a forest fire. With great umbrage, the Green Lantern agrees to the task, but not without binding the rangers with his power ring.

    After creating a fire break with his power ring, the Green Lantern locates the boy scout troop. Just as the Green Lantern prepares to slaughter them, his power ring, acting on prior commands, binds the Green Lantern, then projects a protective bubble around the entire group. The moment the power ring reaches the end of it's charge, on the following day, the bubble melts away. While inside the bubble, the Green Lantern realizes the boy scout troop is merely an illusion, and destroys the device projecting then.

    This act of destruction flushes out the aliens. With his power ring charge empty, the Green Lantern must rely on his fists to beat the aliens down. After destroying all of the aliens' equipment, the Green Lantern telepathically contacts the Guardians Of The Universe, to resolve the issues with his power ring, before he recharges it again.


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