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The extraordinary tale 'Finish Line' continues as Nightwing tries to help Wally piece together the clues to who's behind the evil threatening the West family. Is the end near for Wally?

The Flash goes to the Flash Museum to retrieve a piece of alien tech called The Summoner. The Summoner can be used to save a race of inter-dimensional traveling children who each possess super human abilities. At the museum the Flash learns that the Summoner is missing and calls on his friend Nightwing to help him investigate.

The trail leads to Cyborg and STAR Labs. Cyborg warns Flash that he and STAR Labs just stopped someone from stealing the Summoner and to be careful with trusting the traveling children. Wally is thinking of his twins when he takes the Summoner to the children.

There he watches as the children heal one of their own and then watches in horror as Wally learns that he has been tricked. The traveling children real worship Vandal Savage, and his blood gave them the powers they show Wally. Whats worse is Savage has captured Bart and Jay.

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