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A exciting new creative team comes aboard as THE FLASH speeds toward . . . the end? The past always seems to catch up with the Fastest Man Alive, and as Infinite Crisis approaches, Wally West reflects on his life with his wife and kids and sees that the end may be near.

Wally wakes up from nightmares involving him and his twins, to learn that his in-laws are visiting. During breakfast, Wally's mother in-law convinces him to check out their new church, so that his can get some spirtal guidance for the twins.

At the church, Wally has to change into the Flash to save some people from falling scaffolding. During his rescuing, Wally notice a small boy demonstrate super strength, but by the time Wally goes to find the boy his has disappeared.

Wally soon finds the boy in the basement of the church with several other meta-human children. One boy explains that they are really all from an other dimension where everyone has super powers and the there is no crime. There is though, sickness and the children need an item called the Summoner to heal their dieing dimension. Wally is too eager to help and races off to find the Summoner.

After Wally leaves a mysterious voice tells the children they have done good and there will be a place for them in the "new" world.

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