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Part 1 of 2 Zoom and Cheetah want to make Flash and Wonder Woman better heroes.

Boston- Minerva, the current Cheetah, convinces Dr. Zolomon, the current Zoom to help her learn how to increase her speed.

Keystone City- Wally learns that Zoom has escaped from Ironside, and rushes over to the prison. There he learns that Minerva helped Zoom escape, and killed three guards in the process.

New York- Diana, the current and blinded Wonder Woman, battles Giganta. It appears that Wonder Woman may have met her match but then Wally shows up and distracts Giganta long enough for Diana to knock her out.

The Themysciran Embassy- Wally asks Diana to help him track down Cheetah. Diana agrees but Wally has to take the blinded Wonder Woman with him.

Central City- Captain Cold tries to figure out who Owen Mercer's mother is. His investigation is put on hold when Weather Wizard arrives with a note. The note is a challenge from the Top, his rouges versus Cold's rouges.

Boston- Zoom tries to teach Cheetah how to unlock her true potential, and comes to the conclusion to be her best she must be the only Cheetah.

Later Flash and Wonder Woman track Zoom and Cheetah to the home of Priscilla Rich. Wally find Priscilla's lifeless body. Before the heroes can do anything they are ambushed by Zoom and a super speed Cheetah.

Continued in Wonder Woman #214


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