The Flash #213

    The Flash » The Flash #213 - Slow Motion released by DC Comics on October 2004.

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    Wally West is about to learn that having a secret identity isn't all it's cracked up to be when he's accused of a crime by Keystone Police. But as the Flash tries to clear Wally's name, an old villain stops him and all of Keystone dead cold. Meet the Slowest Man Alive: The Turtle!

    Mirror Master is caught by Captain Cold, using drugs, and if forced to promise to never use them again.

    Wally West is being questioned by detectives Chyre and Morillo about the apparent attempted murder of Ashley Zolomon. But during the question times seems to stop. Wally soon learns the Turtle has gained a new power. He can steal the speed force from almost anything, and is using it to wander the streets of Central City and make everyone move as slow as him.

    Meanwhile in Chicago, Captain Boomerang begs Heatwave to lend him some money for a big score.

    Back in Central City, Wally defeats Turtle and goes back to the detectives, he learns Ashley's car's brakes didn't work and she crashed. He later realizes it was because he forgot to put a piece back in her car while he was repairing it.

    Later in Ashley's hospital room she is visited by Zoom, and a radio announces the death of Sue Dibny, leading into Identity Crisis.


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    The Turtle and the Hare 0

    Flash Fact: I'm not a big fan of the scarlet speedster, neither have great knowlegde of his history, early stories, foundations etc,. but I do know Geoff Johns' work (JSA, Hawkman, Green Lantern, Avengers) and what he's done in this title (at least so far), building up Wally West and creating compact self contained stories that are all connected and tied in to this build up, this is excellent stuff!Flash Fact: This isn't usual nowadays, where comics are all about 5 to 7 issues stories, then this...

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