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While vacationing in France, Barry and Iris see the Eiffel Tower being lifted off into space; other buildings take off as well; Barry and Inspector Martell of Interpol investigate.

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, and his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, are on their second honeymoon, in Paris, France. West and Allen are about to begin a day of sightseeing, when the Eiffel Tower suddenly launches into orbit. When an alarm clock in their hotel room also rises to the ceiling, Allen suspects a powerful magnetic force has stolen the Eiffel Tower. Allen contacts Inspector Martell, of Interpol, to share his theory. Martell informs Allen that the Empire State Building and the Tokyo Radio Tower have also been drawn into space. Allen joins Martell at the former site of the Eiffel Tower.

A powerful storm opens up on Paris. Allen is nearly electrocuted, when the severed cable he is holding is struck by lightning. Martell receives word that the Radio-Telescope Space Station, on the outskirts of Paris, has been destroyed by lightning. From Saturn's moon, Titan, aliens Yamar and Konar, having disabled radio communications across the Earth, launch their "Intellimessengers" to establish contact with the populace. West arrives at the former site of the Eiffel Tower, looking for her husband. Just as she's being told that Allen took off with Martell, an Intellimessenger passes overhead, and draws her inside of it.

Martell informs Allen that West has been abducted. Martell races for the former site of the Eiffel Tower, but Allen remains behind. Allen races to West's rescue, as the Flash. The Flash accelerates his molecular structure to near intangibility, to penetrate the hull of the Intellimessenger. Despite his efforts, the Flash slams into the hull, and careens off, unconscious, into the street. The French army opens up on the Intellimessenger, only to see it's tanks pulled into the sky by a powerful magnetic field. With their tanks destroyed, the French army is faced with defeat.

France's criminal element, however, led by Le Loup, sees an opportunity in the making. A door opens up in the Intellimessenger. Yamar and Konar descend down a ramp, speaking unintelligible gibberish. The Flash takes this opportunity to race, invisibly, into the Intellimessenger. After ascertaining that his wife is okay, the Flash sets out to communicate with the aliens. Le Loup, using a band of Hippies to conceal his criminal forces, approaches the Intellimessenger. As soon as they've reached the bottom of the ramp, Le Loup's gang aim weapons at Yamar and Konar.

The Flash rescues the aliens, as the Parisian authorities move in to arrest Le Loup, and his criminal associates. Having earned the alien's trust, the Flash is able to correct the flaw in the aliens' translator, allowing them to communicate. The aliens are only interested in preventing the Earth from continuing to send radio signals to their world, which have been causing magnetic upheavals of disastrous consequence. Having cleared up the misunderstanding, the aliens return the stolen structures to Earth.

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