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Flash learns about an assassination attempt prior to a scheduled speaking engagement at a police symposium in Central City; crooks capture Flash in ice.

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, boards a bus, traveling from Borderville to Central City. Allen is being tailed by Tips, a criminal in the employ of the Frog. Onboard the coach, Allen "accidentally" reveals his Flash costume, when his suitcase briefly pops open. In Central City, Tips reports to the Frog that the man he has been following all week might be Allen, or he might just be an unemployed actor. Allen gets into his car, and comes face-to-face with himself. The crooks tail Allen to the police symposium, where the Flash will be giving a lecture. Tips follows the Flash into the symposium, while the Frog continues following Allen's car.

The Frog sends his henchmen, Li'l Moe and Slice, into a parking garage to collect Allen. The two thugs just miss getting their hands on Allen, who escapes them in the elevator. When the elevator returns to the parking garage, the crooks find a lifelike rubber mask, of Barry Allen's face, on the elevator floor. Picture News reporter, Iris West, joins the Flash at the police symposium. With whispered words, she reveals that she was the "Barry Allen", who picked up Allen at the bus terminal. Somehow, the Frog has learned that Barry Allen is the Flash, thus a ruse has been played out to sow doubt in the crooks' minds. An assassin, disguised as a waiter, shoots the Flash.

The second the Flash hears the explosion of the expanding gases in the gun barrel, he begins vibrating at super-speed, so that the bullet passes harmlessly through him. Tips guns down the assassin, then identifies himself as a Borderville detective. Suspicious, the Flash tails Tips. Giving himself away in the stairwell, the Flash finds himself being fired upon by Tips. The Flash tackles Tips, landing in the hotel kitchen. Tips pies the Flash, blinding him, then covers the floor in pies. The Flash skids across the kitchen floor. Tips pours scalding hot coffee on the Flash's face, then sprays him down with a hose from the sink.

Tips produces an instant-icer, and freezes the Flash solid, in a block of ice. Tips informs the Frog that he has taken care of the Flash. Tips demonstrates the instant-icer by flash-freezing a doorman. With their sole obstacle out of the way, the Frog embarks on his latest criminal enterprise. Li'l Moe, and Slice, beat down a cargo handler, and a security guard, at a local airfield, and take their places. As a shipment of rare palladium arrives, the crooks steal it, and load it into their own plane. Using his complete molecular mastery over his own body, the Flash is able to break free from his icy encasement. By vibrating at the same frequency as the instant-icer, the Flash is able to track the crooks down at the airfield.

Tips tries to freeze the Flash again, only to see the Flash turn the instant-icer against him. With the Flash vibrating into intangibility to avoid their gunfire, L'il Moe suddenly releases all of his ammo onto the ground. The Flash slips on the rolling bullets, giving the crooks the opportunity to run the Flash over, with their plane. At the last second, the Flash rolls out of the way. Leaping onto the plane, the Flash manipulates the plane's rudder, causing it to crash. After defeating the Frog, L'il Moe, and Slice, the Flash returns to the police symposium to deliver his speech.







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