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Flash battles Abra Kadabra.

"The Thief Who Stole All The Money In Central City!"

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, wistfully regrets that the National Magician's Guild's convention isn't open to the public. Overhearing a police bulletin regarding magicians turned thieves in Central City, Allen investigates, as the Flash. The Flash first encounters master illusionist, Gurston, looting the Market Street Bank. Momentarily slowed down by one of Gurston's illusions, the Flash is able to turn the tables on Gurston, and apprehend him. The Flash then encounters the great cafe magician, Mardonus, who has just robbed a jewelry store. After defeating Mardonus, the Flash rounds up the rest of the magicians in the city, and turns them over to the proper authorities.

Mardonus allows the police to inject him with truth serum. Mardonus revels that the magicians were at the convention, watching a performance by Heathstone, a specialist in disappearing acts. Heathstone's performance was interrupted by the 64th century criminal magician, Abra Kadabra. When the Magician's Guild refuses to allow Abra Kadabra to join their ranks, due to his criminal past, Abra Kadabra mesmerizes them all, and sends them out to commit crimes. Posing as a reporter, Abra Kadabra gets near enough to the Flash to place the Scarlet Speedster under his spell.

Amplifying his mesmerism skills with a spellbinding transmitter, Abra Kadabra places the populace of Central City under his control. By his command, every single Central City citizen empties their bank accounts, then showers Abra Kadabra with their money, at a parade in his honor. Abra Kadabra commands the Flash to collect all the falling cash. Abra Kadabra bids the Flash to come to his side, where Abra Kadabra treats the Scarlet Speedster as a dog. The burning humiliation of his debasement shakes the Flash from Abra Kadabra's control. The Flash attacks Abra Kadabra, and after a brief battle, defeats him. Using his Cosmic Treadmill, the Flash returns Abra Kadabra to the 64th century, and prison.

The Flash's Super-Speed Phobia!

The Flash scours Central City's streets for Sneakers Sneed, and his gang of hoodlums. Though the Flash speeds up to vibrate through a wall in his path, the Scarlet Speedster actually slams into it. Once recovered from the impact, the Flash finds that he is terrified to travel at super-human speed. The Flash tries to overcome his fear, to no avail. Stumbling upon Sneed in the commission of a crime, the Flash, even without the use of his powers, attempts to apprehend him. After a brief tussle, Sneed, and his gang flee.

The Flash is forced to hail a taxi to continue his pursuit. Catching up to Sneed, in his hidden lair, the Flash is quick to attack. Without using his powers, the Flash defeats Sneed, and his entire gang. Seeking medical assistance, the Flash learns that the blow he suffered, from crashing into the wall, has upset his inner ear, throwing off his balance, and causing the dizziness he feels whenever he tries to run. With a little rest, and the proper medical care, the Flash is soon racing through the city again.

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