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Three Flashes--Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West--battle Golden Man!

Joan Garrick convinces her husband, Jay, to take her to Earth-1. Joan wants Jay to convince police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, to reveal his secret identity, as the Flash, to his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West. Upon arriving at the Allens, the Garricks find that Barry has taken West's nephew, Wally West, to a movie. Wally returns without Barry, much to Jay's concern. While Joan engages Iris in some girl talk, Jay leads Wally out to the balcony. Jay reveals that he is the Golden Age Flash. Wally explains Barry's absence.

The two were on their way to the theater when Allen spied the elusive Domino Gang, fleeing the foreign exchange. Allen and West, as the Flash and Kid Flash, moved in to apprehend the gang. The Scarlet Speedsters were seconds away from rounding up the entire gang, when the Flash was struck by a beam of energy, and vanished. The force of the beam stunned Kid Flash, long enough for the Domino Gang to escape. Garrick arranges to meet with West later.

Garrick and West, as the Golden Age Flash and Kid Flash, scour Central City, in search of the Flash. As the two Flashes are about to cross paths, a beam of energy strikes Kid Flash, and he, too, vanishes. Kid Flash finds himself transported to the planet, Vorvan. His captor, the Golden Man, a natural mutation, possesses a towering intellect, forever setting him apart from the savage primitives that inhabit Vorvan. After single-handedly building his technologically advanced Vorvan City, the Golden Man grew bored.

A passion for hunting inspired the Golden Man to bring the Scarlet Speedsters to Vorvan, to serve as his prey. Releasing the Scarlet Speedsters into the wilds of Vorvan, the Golden Man offers to return them to Earth, if they can elude him for four hours. The Scarlet Speedsters find their flight across the Vorvan landscape quickly interrupted, when they are caught up in a powerful geyser. The constant undulation of the water's surface make it impossible for the Scarlet Speedsters to make any headway.

The Golden Man closes in on his prey, leveling a paralysis rifle on them, Before he can fire, the two Flashes vibrate down into the geyser, then tear off at such high velocity, they are rendered invisible to the naked eye. The two Flashes are caught in a torrential downpour. The raindrops crystallize upon contact with their skin, weighing and slowing them down. Once more, the Golden Man closes in on them. The two Flashes break for a dense thicket, using the twigs and bushes to scrape away the crystals from their bodies.

Once more, the Scarlet Speedsters are able to escape the Golden Man. In truth, though, the Golden Man is not actually interested in the hunt. Chasing the Scarlet Speedsters is merely a ruse to keep them running at their highest velocity. Machines in Vorvan City are absorbing the speed force created by their running, which the Golden Man plans to harness, and use, to rapidly evolve his people to his intellectual level. The very ground itself liquifies beneath the Scarlet Speedster's pounding feet.

Caught in an ever deepening quagmire, Kid Flash begins to go under, passing out from the extreme effort to keep his head above the surface. The Flash lifts, and hurls, Kid Flash to solid ground, but the effort drives him below the quagmire's surface. The Golden Man collects Kid Flash, and returns to Vorvan City. As Kid Flash, alone, cannot generate enough speed force to power his machines, the Golden Man teleports the Golden Age Flash to Vorvan.

The Golden Man is surprised to find that the Golden Age Flash was not rendered unconscious upon arrival, as the Flash and Kid Flash had been. The Golden Age Flash attacks the Golden Man, but is quickly subdued. The Golden Age Flash and Kid Flash are placed in a radiation cell. Inside the cell, the temperature is rapidly decreased into subzero range. Only by vibrating at their highest velocity can the two speedsters keep themselves from freezing to death.

Kid Flash is on the verge of passing out, again, from the exertion of sustaining such high velocity, when the Flash storms Vorvan City. The Flash tears into the Golden Man's control console, until the power flickers out on the radiation cell. The three Scarlet Speedsters lunge at the Golden Man, only to be repelled by his superior force of mind. By vibrating in sync with the Flash's specific vibrational frequency, the Golden Age Flash and Kid Flash are able to boost the Flash's speed, with their own.

The Flash breaks through the Golden Man's telekinetic field and begins mercilessly pummeling him. Hoping to create an army of golden men to fight at his side, the Golden Man activates his machine. Instead of evolving the Vorvan populace to his level, the machine's energy devolves the Golden Man to theirs. The now primitive Golden Man wanders out of Vorvan City, to be with his people. The Flash reveals that he escaped the quagmire by vibrating himself through the planet itself.

The Golden Age Flash reveals that, due to his constant maintaining of an inner vibration, to cause his features to blur, protecting his secret identity, he was able to remain conscious upon being teleported to Vorvan. The three Flashes return to Earth, then track down and apprehend the Domino Gang. The Garricks return to Earth-2, after getting Allen's assurance that he will reveal his secret identity to Iris, on their anniversary.



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