The Flash #164

    The Flash » The Flash #164 - Wonderland, Chapter One: Lightning in a Bottle released by DC Comics on September 2000.

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    New cover artist Brian Bolland (THE INVISIBLES, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE) makes his debut in Part 1 of the 6-part "Wonderland." His connection to the Speed Force severed, Wally West finds himself jailed in a world that claims there never has been any hero who called himself the Flash. But some things seem oddly familiar...

    The Flash wakes up in the Keystone Police Department where he is being handcuffed for the murder of a police officer. Wally tries to escape but realizes he no longer possesses super speed. Just as the cops (including Fred Chyre and Mick Rory, mysteriously a cop instead of a crook) are about to knock him out, a bulletin comes on the TV, announcing the tenth anniversary of Aquaman's death.

    When the Flash comes to, he is locked in a holding cell. A woman who claims to be a social worker offers him a glass of water and asks to hear his story. West recounts the origin of the Flash before realizing he has been drugged. The woman tells him that he has been given a tranquilizer and truth serum, that he is delusional, not a superhero.

    While questioning his own sanity, Wally discovers that he still has his lightning marked wedding ring and thus cannot be crazy. Looking out the window, he sees a blonde man running late for an appointment. Recognizing his mentor, Barry Allen, Wally calls out to him and attempts to phase through the prison walls but fails.

    Officer Rory comes to investigate the noise but he is shot from off panel by Captain Cold. Cold decapitates Rory and shatters the frozen cell bars, freeing the Flash.


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