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An innocent man suddenly appears in Samuel Scudder's prison cell, demanding to be released. Scudder mysteriously appears in Central City Park, having seemingly traded places with the hapless civilian. Scudder immediately heads to a criminal tailor, to garner a new Mirror Master costume. At the tailor's, Scudder encounters five of his fellow rogues, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heatwave, the Pied Piper, and the Top. All five criminals share similar stories. They were all in prison, and then, suddenly, they weren't. The Mirror Master proposes that instead of going their separate ways, they pull off their next caper, as a team. All agree, then head off to collect their specialized weapons. Police Forensics Scientist, Barry Allen, hears a police bulletin regarding the robbery of the Gemfull Department Store, by Captain Cold.

Allen investigates, as the Flash. Arriving at the scene, the Flash finds the department store completely encased in ice. Vibrating his way inside, the Flash, unsurprisingly, encounters Captain Cold. Quickly, Captain Cold freezes the floor underneath the Flash's feet. His foreword motion stopped, the Flash is helpless as Captain Cold lowers his weapon, and fires upon the Flash. Whirling his hands at incredible velocity, the Flash generates a buffer of super-heated air that melts Captain Cold's icy attack. The water is hurled back at Captain Cold, flooring him. Responding to sounds on the floor above him, the Flash discovers that the Mirror Master, and the Top, are in on the robbery. The Top hurls a top that generates blinding light, as it spins, at the Flash, By waving his hands in front of his face, at super-speed, the Flash is able to cut through the glare.

Suddenly, the Flash appears on an oversized bowling lane, with a mammoth bowling ball coming right at him. No matter which way he zigs or zags, the bowling ball continues to bear down on him. Realizing the whole scenario must be one of the Mirror Master's illusions, the Flash runs right through the ball. The Flash is seconds away from taking down the Mirror Master and the Top, when the Pied Piper makes his presence known. Suddenly, the Flash finds himself forced to dance a jig, to the music of the Pied Piper's pipe. With herculean effort, the Flash manages to do a high dance kick, that knocks the pipe from the Pied Piper's hands. In rush Captain Boomerang and Heatwave, to take their shot at the Flash. The two felons begin arguing over who should attack first, giving the Flash the time to incapacitate them both.

In doing so, though, the Flash accidentally trips, leaving himself prone, and vulnerable to his rogues' gallery. The Rogues gather around the Flash and, in unison, blast him with their trademark weapons. When the smoke clears, the Flash appears to have been disintegrated. In reality, the Flash vibrated his molecules into intangibility, and passed, unseen, through the floor. With the Rogues gone, the Flash examines more closely a strange field of radiation he noticed, while battling against Captain Cold and the Pied Piper. The Flash tracks the radiation signature to a gorilla cage, at the Central City zoo. The zookeeper informs the Flash that the two gorillas, Freddy and Pola, were once deeply in love but, of late, Freddy has been spurning Pola's advances. Immediately suspecting the super-gorilla, Grodd, the Flash heads to Gorilla City.

There, the Flash finds all of the inhabitants frozen, as if in a trance. Checking his prison, the Flash finds Grodd to be in the same trance. The Flash receives a weak telepathic message from Solovar, the King of Gorilla City. Solovar informs the Flash that Grodd has transferred his mind to a gorilla in Central City, and plans to use the soldiers of Gorilla City to mount an offensive against the world. The Flash returns to the Central City zoo, to find Freddy gone. Enlisting Pola's aid to track her mate down, the Flash quickly finds Grodd, at the Central City rail yards. Grodd teleports the Rogues to the rail yards, to run interference for him. The Flash charges the Rogues. The Flash moves past them so fast that, as they discharge their signature weapons, they end up taking each other out. Having run the gauntlet to reach Grodd, the Flash finds that he has lost his super-speed.

Using the Rogues, Grodd has been suppressing the Flash's super-speed, little by little, at each encounter, with a power dampening radiation. Now, Grodd can keep the Flash's speed subdued with the power of his mind. Grodd lunges at the Flash, intent on murdering him. Pola, though, intervenes, believing that her mate Freddy, has spurned her for another ape. The distraction is enough to break Grodd's concentration over the Flash, restoring his super-speed. The Flash beats Grodd senseless, then races back to Gorilla City. With Grodd unconscious, the inhabitants of Gorilla City have regained their mobility. Solovar returns Grodd's consciousness to his own body, then increases the security of Grodd's prison. With Grodd's mind back in his own body, Freddy again returns Pola's affections.


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