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New Kid

I'm a fan of Flash, but I struggled through this issue.  
We have a new "Flash" in town and he's wearing an almost black costume with a completely new look.  Nobody knows who this guy is and Jay Garrick is trying to figure it out.   
I don't know what to say about this issue.  I just couldn't get into the story.  There's a new "Flash" but the story just didn't seem to go anywhere.  We've got Garrick chasing him around, but never catching him.  We've got him stopping crimes and nobody knowing what happened.  
Maybe it's because I haven't read the issues leading up to this story.  Maybe it's because it's just a set up for the future issue.  I think I need to find the next issue, give that a read and see if this  story will come together for me.
One redeeming thing I took from this issue.  What is it liked to be a retired super hero.  We get a look into Jay Garrick's life as an old and not so fast super hero.  He's lost his "touch" and is now sitting in the recliner and watching TV, mad at the position he's in.  Like he's worthless.  Interesting perspective I thought.
I will probably search out the next issue and see where this is going, more for curiosity than super interest in the story line.


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