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Wally West recruits Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, Bart "Impulse" Allen, and Jesse Quick to assist him in traveling the time stream to prevent two future Flashes and Barry Allen from falling prey to Cobalt Blue's mystic gem.

Chain Lightning, part 1 of 6. Flash Wally West has discovered that the villain Cobalt Blue is actually Barry Allen’s twin brother Malcolm Thawne. Just as Barry Allen and the Flash mantle will be handed down through the generations, so will the Thawne family and the Cobalt Blue mantle, through Cobalt Blue’s mystic gem. Wally finds out that, between now and the 30th century, two Flashes will fall to Cobalt Blue. Wally decides to rally the troops and send them through the timeline to warn the Flashes of each generation. Wally recruits Jay Garrick while fighting Turmoil 13 in Keystone City, Jesse Quick from her company Quick Start Enterprises, and Max Mercury and Impulse from their lives Manchester. Wally keeps Malcolm Thawne trapped in a vibrational prison under the watchful eye of Central City forensics expert Angela Margolin. The five speedsters split up, traveling across the timestream to warn the Flash legacy. Jesse Quick arrives in the year 2764, where the Flash of that era, Jace Allen, is fighting that era’s incarnation of Cobalt Blue. Just as Jesse and Jace regroup, Jesse is enveloped by Cobalt Blue’s blue flame.

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