The Flash #137

    The Flash » The Flash #137 - Vengeance of the Immortal Villain! released by DC Comics on June 1, 1963.

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    Vandal Savage tries to exact vengeance on the retired Justice Society, leading Barry to Earth-2 to help Jay free the other JSA members.

    Mysterious lights begin appearing in the skies over Washington D.C, Gotham City and Calvin City. All forms of power, from electric lights to motor cars to flashlights, cease to operate in those cities. The city names trigger a childhood memory in police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. Each of the cities in question happen to correspond to the same cities, on Earth 2, that various members of the legendary Justice Society of America call home. Allen decides to call on his Earth 2 counterpart, as the Flash. Vibrating at super-human speed, the Flash attunes his vibratory frequency to that of Earth 2, and arrives in Keystone City, the home of the Golden Age Flash.

    The Flash heads over to his counterpart's home, and is greeted by Joan Garrick, the wife of the Golden Age Flash. Soon enough, the Golden Age Flash returns home, having just visited the same cities on his world. The Golden Age Flash reveals that in each of the cities, a member of the Justice Society of America has gone missing. Suddenly, the strange lights appear over Keystone City. The two Flashes scour the city for the source of the mysterious lights. The Golden Age Flash finds it first. The moment he attempts to tamper with the device generating the lights, a glass case materializes around him. Paralyzed within the case, the Golden Age Flash is helpless as the case rises into the air, and slowly makes it's way across the city.

    The Flash arrives too late to get ahold of the case before it has risen too high in the air. Generating powerful suction, by racing around in a tight circle, also fails to ground the case. Chasing the case across Keystone City, the Flash finally leaps from a rooftop onto the case, and shatters it with several super-speed blows. Grabbing ahold of his counterpart, the Flash generates a cushion of air beneath them, to slow their descent to the ground. Miles away, beneath the Mammoth Caves, in Kentucky, Vandal Savage ponders why the case carrying the Golden Age Flash never arrived. Lining Savage's headquarters are a half dozen glass cases, each holding a different member of the Justice Society of America.

    Utilizing technology provided by Brain Wave, Savage had lured, and snared, each of the six heroes in their individual cities. As he ponders what could possibly have gone wrong in Keystone City, Savage reflects on his past. Once he had been Vandar Adg, a cro-magnon man. A meteor explosion had bestowed upon him immortality. As history unfolded, Adg walked the Earth under many names, playing many roles. King of Sumer. The Egyptian pharaoh, Cheops. Genghis Khan. Napoleon's military advisor. With only the Golden Age Flash a threat to his dreams of conquest, Savage sets off to deal with him, personally. Savage catches up with the Golden Age Flash, on his second attempt to destroy the device powering the mysterious lights.

    Using a weapon designed by the Thinker, Savage causes the Golden Age Flash's mass to increase, causing him to sink beneath the ground. The Flash races to his counterpart's rescue. Savage reverses the beams effects on the Flash, decreasing his mass until he begins to float in the air. Attaching a tether line to both Flashes, Savage begins dragging them back to his secret lair. Vibrating at super-speed, both Flashes are able to cause Savage to lose control of his flying craft. Savage survives the crash, and flees back to his hidden lair. After reversing the effects of the Thinker's weapon, the Flashes head off in pursuit of Savage.

    The Flashes storm Savage's hideout, only to be caught in the beam of another weapon, this one designed by Per Degaton. Instantly, the Flashes begin trying to kill one another. Ultimately, the Flash defeats his older counterpart. Savage is quick to imprison the Golden Age Flash in a new glass case. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash charges Savage. At the last moment, he veers off, instead hurling a stone at the immortal villain. The stone disrupts the illusion of Savage, revealing another of his inescapable glass cases. With the trap sprung, Savage erroneously believes that the Flash is locked inside the case, still invisible due to his great speed.

    Savage only realizes the truth when he finds himself surrounded by both Flashes, as well as the formerly imprisoned members of the Justice Society of America. Doctor Midnight disables Brain Wave's devices, restoring power to the afflicted cities. The Golden Age Wonder Woman suggests the team consider coming out of retirement, to prevent future villainous actions against them. The team agrees, and schedules a meeting for a future date. First order of business is to learn more about the parallel Flash and the world he comes from. Meanwhile, having returned to his world, the Flash, as Allen, makes his own plans, to dine with his girlfriend, reporter Iris West.


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