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Dinner is Served! 0

The Good:In my opinion, this is one of the best series of The New 52. I just caught up to it yesterday and it is truly amazing.Manapaul and Buccellato, once again deliver a great piece of work. What I truly loved about this issue were all the ''thought'' balloons (I think the word ''boxes'' is of better use than ''balloons'', but whatever).The story is simple, but good. Gorilla Grodd's army arrives in Central City, as he believes Flash's powers actually belong to him. Barry and the Rogues must t...

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The Truce! 1

The team up of Flash and The Rogues was pretty awesome, and what happened to Trickster was sick! It does help to show what an animal Grodd truly is. And Captain Frye? Oh, he is so full of it!Please check my mini-review of The Flash #13 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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The Flash teams up with the Rogues 1

Here is my video review for The Flash issue 13. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Flash/Rogues vs. Grodd 1

This has been a brilliant series and along with Aquaman probably the most consistent comic in terms of quality. It has been one of my favourite comics in the New 52 and it just keeps getting better and better. It's amazingly written by Manapul and Buccellato and Manapul also does amazing art work on the series with Buccellato bringing excellent colouring to the series also. The issues they haven't done the art were still good but their art is just something else.This issue sees The Rogues standi...

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This books speeds up! 0

For prior reviews The Flash #1 The Flash #2Plot: Grodd has arrived.Art: The art is amazing! Not a surprise here.Story and Script.The first few pages are very well done. The conversation between Barry and Captain Frye is very well done. It seems as if the writers are trying to flesh out Captain Frye, and I like it. Turbine seems interesting.Some of the dialogue is a bit iffy, especially with the Rogues. Despite that, the Rogues are still cool. You don't have to worry about that. Glider seems to b...

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We're Being Attacked! 0

Why I Bought ItWell, the past couple of Flash comics haven't been too bad, but I am a Flash fan to the death. i will buy it regardless.What I LikedI like the idea of a Gorilla invasion, and I like the idea of the Rogues helping out the Flash or teaming up with him or whatever. This comic did tangle with that story, and it worked to a degree, but not one that I liked that was one display with previous issues.I find it a little funny that Grodd could be the possible creature to inherit the speed f...

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Central Conflict 0

The cover's kinda so-so. The idea was decent, along with the execution, a little too much is shoved in here, but it's fairly well balanced. The biggest thing that bothers me is the change from the original solicit. The word 'Gorilla' spray-painted on the Central City sign was supposed to be yellow. It was really bright and eye-catching but the new purple paint is REALLY hard to see, I barely notice it even when I'm LOOKING for it.There's not a lot of Manapul's usual insane panel layouts, but his...

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Tons of fun. 0

This is another one of the series I picked up because it was recommended it to me but I was still apprehensive with it because I wasn’t sure what I thought of the art from previews and it has had mixed reviews some people say it is a really good read others say it’s alright but I still wanted to try it out and see what I thought.PlotPatty Spivot takes Turbine to see Captain Frye he is about to announce who Captain Frye really is when Grodd attacks Central City. The Rogues are standing around a k...

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