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Captain Boomerang is paroled from prison and invents a time-traveling boomerang!

"The Space-Boomerang Trap!"

Vengeance Via Television!

Picture News reporter, Iris West, writes in her diary, regarding the time she almost learned the Flash's secret identity. Master second-story man, James Lawton, had vowed to seek revenge on everyone involved in his trial. Upon his release from prison, Lawton holed up in a remote location, and put his plan into motion. Harnessing Psi-radiation, Lawton found he could mentally dominate anyone he saw on television. Edgar Barnard, the foreman of Lawton's jury, landed a spot on a television game show. It was there that Lawton took control of Barnard's mind, commanding him to come to Lawton.

As luck would have it, the Judge, the Warden, and West, whose articles had put the police on Lawton's trail, all appeared on the same television program. Taking control of their minds, Lawton drew them all to him. Lawton caged all of his victims, and waited for the moment he could snare the Flash. Eventually, the Flash, too, appeared on television, interviewed about the four missing people. Lawton seized the Flash's mind, and bade him to come to him. Before he carries out his vengeance on all of them, Lawton decided to first unmask the Flash.

The Flash, though, has only feigned being in Lawton's control. After preventing Lawton from murdering his captives, the Flash beat Lawton into unconsciousness. The Flash revealed that, having suspected Lawton was, somehow, using television to abduct his victims, the Flash had the studio tape, and air, his "live broadcast". Using special equipment, the Flash was able to trace Lawton's signal back to his secret lair, and close the case.

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