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Mirror Master steals mirrors in a museum. Plus, in the first appearance of Sue Dibny, the Elongated Man goes on a honeymoon with his new bride, but gets caught up in an undersea adventure.

The Mirror-Master's Magic Bullet!

In the duel between the sizzling man of speed and his tricky antagonist the Mirror Master, the Flash was confident of victory -- until a surprise trap was sprung on the speedster and turned him into an obedient slave of his foe!

The Elongated Man's Undersea Trap!

Ralph and Sue Dibny are on their honeymoon. While skin-diving, Dibny receives a paralyzing shock. With Dibny long overdue to return, Sue wires police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, asking for aid. Allen responds, as the Flash. While skin-diving at Dibny's last known location, the Flash spies a pair of aquatic beings, traveling on skis. Before he can pursue them, he, too, receives a paralytic shock. The Flash awakens in a tank, with a number of other divers, all of whom have been reported missing.

The aquatic beings fish for the divers, then sell them into slavery. While on a work detail for his new master, the Flash finally locates Dibny. Unfortunately, the paralytic shock has left Dibny with amnesia. The Flash completes the entire work detail by himself, at super-speed, so that he can garner time alone with Dibny. The Flash tickles Dibny, causing an involuntary stretching reaction. Upon stretching, Dibny remembers that he is the Elongated Man.

The Flash and the Elongated Man take on the aquatic beings, known as Bredans. After defeating the Bredan army, the Flash lays down terms for their surrender. The Bredans release all their slaves, marooning them on a tiny, isolated island. The Flash races out into the shipping lanes, and brings a rescue boat back for the missing divers. The Flash personally carries the Elongated Man back to his wife, Sue. On invitation, the Flash spends the next couple of days in the company of the Dibnys.

Note: this is the first appearance of Sue Dibny

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