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Aliens from another dimension monitor Central City as a teaching aide in an advanced classroom, but when the students see Flash in trouble they come to his rescue.

The Man Who Stole Central City!

At the Institute of Advanced Learning, Elider asks a student, Pgrie to describe the object on Elider's desk. The object is an exact miniature replica of Central City, complete with population. Using the replica, Elider's student's can observe Central City's inhabitants without ever leaving the school. Once a year, Elider bridges the gap between dimensions to record another replica of Central City. On his last trip, he was observed by the Flash. Suspicious of an extra-dimensional being carrying a miniature replica of Central City, in a glass case, the Flash chased after Elider.

The alien instructor was able to escape by simply phasing back into his dimension. Elider's students become fascinated with the Flash, taking great joy in observing his exploits. Through their observation they discover the Flash's secret identity, that of police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. They also spy on Allen's girlfriend, reporter Iris West. Knowing their idol can never know of their existence, the student body resign themselves to being the Flash's secret fans. Due to an irregularity in the technology used to record the replica, the student's are actually viewing events one hour into Central City's future.

A fact not lost on Elider's laboratory assistant, Modrie. Using his future knowledge of the stock market, and horse races, Modrie becomes a wealthy man on Earth. Tired of constantly traveling back and forth between dimensions, Modrie secretly sets up a feed from the recorder, that broadcasts the signal to Earth. Assuming the identity of "M. Odriex", Modrie establishes himself as the wealthiest man in Central City. His newfound status attracts the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. Modrie refuses to pay his taxes, and gains a measure of celebrity for his continued defiance.

The Flash decides to investigate, only to be stooped by Elider. In a huge breach of protocol, Elider reveals the existence of his people to the Flash. Furthermore, Elider has come to warn the Flash that his student's have just witnessed the Scarlet Speedster's death, gunned down by Modrie. Knowing he can't change the future, the Flash, nonetheless, heads off to confront "M. Odriex". Increasing his speed, the Flash moves faster than the eye can see, leaving an after-image of himself in his wake. Invisible, the Flash races into "M. Odriex's" home, and tampers with the villains revolver.

Catching up with his after-image before it has faded away, the Flash is prepared for his meeting with fate. Holding to history, the Flash allows "M. Odriex" to shoot him, then falls to the ground, seemingly dead. Moments later, the Flash springs back up, and ushers "M. Odriex" to the nearest police station. Modrie attempts to convince the authorities that, as an extra-dimensional being, they have no jurisdiction over him, but his pleas fall on deaf years. "M. Odriex" serves a long sentence for tax evasion. Elider seals the dimensional gateway between his world and the Flash's forever. The students. though, can still thrill to the Flash's adventures, for the rest of the year, by observing the replica.

The Race To Thunder Hill!

Wally West, and his friend Jimmy, are returning home from a fishing trip. After they part company, West sees Kitty Clark, a fellow classmate. When Clark's horse begins running wild, West intervenes, as Kid Flash. After calming Clark's steed, Kid Flash departs, leaving Clark to ponder how he knew her name. Kid Flash, as West, meets up with his father. The two are set to compete in a road rally, against West's father's friends, engineers Gardner and Cooper. West serves as his father's navigator, keeping check on their speed and distance with a stop watch. Unbeknownst to the other competitors, a pair of thieves are using the rally to mask their getaway.

When the thieves' car breaks down, they commandeer West's car, at gunpoint. After roughing up West's father, and rendering him unconscious, the thieve's lock West and his father in the basement of an abandoned house. West, as Kid Flash, escapes by vibrating his molecules through the basement wall. Catching up with the thieves, Kid Flash generates a cushion of air beneath the car, lifting it off the ground. Maintaining the cushion, Kid Flash races the thieves to the nearest police precinct. Kid Flash tows the car back to his father. After West's father has been looked over by a doctor, they rejoin the rally. Thanks to West's precise navigational timekeeping, the West's win the rally.



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