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Running on Air, Pogo Sticks and the Origin of Life on Earth!

When I first joined this site, I looked at random issues, including this one. I remember not thinking much about this issue as I did not have any information on it at all (at that time, there was no plot summary so I couldn't tell what this was're are welcome btw). Upon reading this issue now, I noticed 4 great moments of this issue, which I guess I'll talk about while not spoiling anything...

The Trickster

First off, this is the first appearance of the Trickster! I am really amused by his story. The writer was very clever in the way that he introduced James Jesse. I love the whole circus act background (even if the whole "flying Jesses" seems cliche for DC). This story is very fun and it fits the whimsical nature of the character (come on! how can you not call him whimsical if he has shoes that allow him to walk on air!). There is also a fun pogo stick scene in this comic which I have included in my great moments of this issue, but I can't really talk about it as I would be spoiling the whole comic. Just know that it is cool.

The Cloud Guy's Back!

That's right! The guy that forcasted the Invasion of Cloud Creatures (their title, not mine!) from The Flash #111 has returned! To be fair, Dr. Wiley Summers actually makes himself more of a legitimate character with this appearance. At the end of #111 and throughout the second story of this issue, it is plainly obvious that Mr. Summers has become Barry Allen's first "perceived" rival for the love of Iris West. Of course, there really isn't much to this character other him being a nice plot device for both of his appearances. However, just by making Barry Allen jealous I will lement that I like Dr. Summers, even with his first appearance being what I consider a joke (again, that's only my opinion, so other people can have their own opinions).

The Origin of Life on Earth

The Second story of this issue, The Man who Claimed the Earth, is interesting for reasons other than the drama caused by Dr. Summers. In this story, we learn that an species (based on the gods of ancient Greece with parodied names of those gods such as Zus and Po-Siden) from another dimension believe that one of their colonist ships crashed landed on Earth and those survivors had insomnia and reproduced (creating the people of Earth). PLEASE NOTE: I do not believe this is a spoiler as this is explained in the second page of the story (there is more to the story which I do not include). Its an interesting concept to say the least. There is nothing in this issue that goes against this story and there is no questioning of this theory (its more considered a fact). I really do wish the writers could have expanded this story. I mean, think of the theological debates the story could have addressed and they missed out on!


this is an interesting issue. It has some wonderful stories and some concepts which leaves me thinking...Good issue!

Somebody's jealous! :)
Somebody's jealous! :)

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