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    The Invasion Of The Cloud Creatures!

    Police Forensics Scientist, Barry Allen, takes his date, reporter Iris West, to a lecture. The lecturer is Doctor Wiley Summers, one of Allen's college colleagues. Summers' lecture concerns a fantastic experience he had, while examining Mount Lassen, the only active volcano in the continental United States. Summers became aware of strange cloud formations directly over his head, that exuded an air of menace. Summers quickly photographed the clouds. Upon developing the film, though, the clouds seemed quite ordinary. Summers theorized that these cloud "creatures" dwelled within the volcano, and were intent on wiping out humanity.

    With no real evidence to support his wild claims, the scientific community, rightly, considered the idea to be ludicrous. Summers, thus, raises the alarm, to the public, through his lecture tour. After the lecture, Allen introduces West to Summers. West, though, also considers Summer's notion preposterous. Having failed to wipe out humanity through volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, the hostile clouds mount an attack on an army base, revealing themselves to the world. After destroying the military installation with a barrage of lightning, the clouds turn towards civilian targets. The deafening sound of their thunder is such that it can reduce buildings to rubble.

    Every countermeasure brought to bear against the clouds harmlessly passes right through them. Leaving West behind with Summers, Allen heads out to meet the threat, as the Flash. Dodging the cloud's lightning barrage, the Flash runs in a tight circle, generating a tornado. The clouds easily avoid the Flash's attack, simply by increasing their elevation. The clouds generate a powerful vacuum, lifting a building from it's foundations. Once released, the building crashes to the Earth, destroying it. The Flash races up a high hill, then leaps into the clouds. Moving at incredible velocity, the Flash is able to, literally, skip across the cloud formations in the sky.

    Noticing a dark spot on each of the hostile clouds, the Flash surmises that it must be their nerve center, and aims for it. The Flash manages to destroy all but one of the deadly clouds, before he is caught in the last cloud's vacuum beam. Moving even faster, the Flash manages to break loose and destroy the final cloud. Still moving at phenomenal velocity, the Flash is able to virtually walk on the air itself, lowering himself safely to the ground. A sudden downpour signals the end of the bizarre cloud creatures, as, in death, they have become rain. Allen invites West out on another date, only to learn that she has already agreed to go out with Summers. It seems Allen has a rival for West's affections.

    The Challenge Of The Crimson Crows!

    Wally West wakes up from an incredible dream. In the dream, West met his idol, the Flash. A laboratory accident gave West the same powers as the Flash. West was given a ring with his costume in it, then given the code name "Kid Flash". Having overslept, West misses the school bus, and is forced to run all the way to school. To his amazement West arrives before the late bell has finished ringing. The dream was really a memory. As further proof of his amazing super-speed abilities, West easily outperforms his fellow basketball players, in an after school game.

    On the way home, West encounters a few of his friends, who have joined a gang, called the Crimson Crows. Though offered a place in their ranks, West has declined. Fearing the Crimson Crows may get up to trouble, West, as Kid Flash, sneaks into their clubhouse. Moving faster than the eye can see, Kid Flash eavesdrops on the Crimson Crows' plan to attack a rival gang, the Golden Eagles. Kid Flash surreptitiously follows the Crimson Crows, and watches as they throw stones at the Golden Eagles' clubhouse. In their haste to race out and face their rivals, a candle is tipped over in their clubhouse, setting it afire.

    The flames quickly spread, igniting the nearby woods. Moving at super-speed, Kid Flash sets up a firebreak. Then, the fastest boy alive begins to run around the burning trees, creating a vacuum that smothers the fire. Feeling guilty for their role in the fire, the Crimson Crows turn their gang into an athletic group. West, fulfilling his promise to keep the Flash informed of his adventures, races a letter to Allen's house, detailing his latest case. Reading the letter, the Flash becomes certain that West is the right boy to be his protege.



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    Of Clouds and Crows 0

    This is a iffy issue, but I'll review it anyway...Barry fights some cloudsYou read right! the villain for Flash is none other than the infamous Cloud Creatures! Laugh all you want (I have), because this is quite funny (at least to me). This is actully the kind of stories I actully expected from older comics. I mean, the very idea of Cloud Creatures is very amusing. All amusement aside, this is a relatively good story. I mean, we do see some fun Barry/Iris relationship moments which really show w...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Cloud Creatures and Kid Flash. No Captain Cold. 0

    I recently picked up The Silver Age Flash Volume One collection, and it has Barry Allen's first appearances in Showcase issues 4,8, 13, 14 and the first 12 issues of the revived Flash series that started at The Flash #105 - Conqueror from 8 Million BC! / The Master of Mirrors! I mostly wanted to write this review to say that Captain Cold is not in this issue, and I hope someone can edit him out of the appearance part for this particular issue. The comic itself is fine, the story is a little rid...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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