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Mirror Master escapes from jail and goes on a crime spree.

Return Of The Mirror Master!

Picture News reporter, Iris West, and a photographer, arrive at Central City Penitentiary, to do a story on Samuel Scudder, the notorious Mirror Master. The photographer takes his first picture, of Scudder behind bars, only to see Scudder vanish with the fading of the flash bulb. Once the picture has been developed, West, and the photographer, are startled to see a three foot tall Scudder in the cell. Using his mastery of mirrors, Scudder effected his escape by reducing himself in size. As Scudder dons his Mirror Master costume, he reflects on his accidental discovery of his way with mirrors.

Cloaking himself in intense reflected light, the Mirror Master robs a local bank. The Flash confronts the Mirror Master. Instantly, the Flash is blinded by the Mirror Master's glowing aura.Though the Mirror Master escapes, the Flash is able to recover the stolen loot. The incident with the Mirror Master has made the Flash late for a date with West. Arriving at her office, the Flash, as police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, finds a break-up note from West. She's waited for him for the last time. Spying a blinding light emanating from a nearby rooftop, Allen investigates, as the Flash.

The Flash discovers a giant mirror on the rooftop, reflecting light onto the street. This mirror, though, is merely a decoy. The Mirror Master ambushes the Flash with a mirror that miniaturizes the Flash. The Mirror Master lunges for the tiny speedster, only to cause the Flash to fall off the roof. Landing safely on the street below, the Flash takes time out to push a pedestrian out of traffic, before returning to his laboratory, at police headquarters. Using an experimental Polaroid Light Machine, the Flash is able to restore himself to his normal height.

The Flash catches up with the Mirror Master at the same bank he robbed earlier, and apprehends his old foe. Using one of the Mirror Master's special mirrors, the Flash, as Allen, projects images of himself everywhere West goes. Feeling haunted by her memories of Allen, West calls him and gives him one more chance at a romantic relationship with her. On his way to their date, Allen slips on the mirror, knocking himself unconscious for thirty minutes. Having been stood up, once more, West vows never to forgive Allen again.

Secret of the Sunken Satellite!

Down...down far below the oceans' surface the mighty Flash, sultan of speed, carries on an heroic one-man war against the fearsome Maugites -- "Fish-warriors" who have set out to destroy the human-like inhabitants of the undersea city of Sareme!



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You're a crafty one, Barry Allen! 0

I just love this issue! Whoever wrote this had a wonderful sense of humor and it shows.The WritingThis issue is very good. Personally, I like this second appearance of Mirror Master (Sam Scudder) more than I liked his first appearance. This story seems to flow more easily, which shows that the writer, John Broome, is getting comfortable with Barry Allen and his rogues. The second story is actually good. Normally stories like "Secret of the Sunken Satellite" that don't have characters who appear ...

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