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Iris & Barry's aniversary and Grodd's evolution

This issue has two different themes. Love and Evolution. I'll talk about those and more in this review of The Flash #108!


Iris West and Barry Allen have had an interesting relationship in these first few issues. In order to persuade people he is NOT the Fastest Man Alive, Barry is always late or slow doing things. This secret identity technec reminds me of how Superman always acts all skittish and less powerful than he is regularly is as Superman. It is actually pretty comical how Iris scolds Barry for not being faster in the past issues. He's always late for their dates, so she seems to remark about his slowness every so often. But, even with this aspect of Barry's identity, their relationship still stands. In this issue, we learn that their first date was on July 4th in Central City Park. Through out the issue, we can see how the two actually care about each other, which makes each issue enjoyable with all the ups and downs in their relationship through the series

Aren't those colors really nice to look at?
Aren't those colors really nice to look at?


In the second story, we read about Gorilla Grodd and his third adventure with Flash. I can't say to much without spoiling things, but I will say I'm not as crazy about this particular story. Grodd just seems out of character. I've always thought Grodd considered himself superior to humans, so to become one as a secret identity, is just weird. Of course, this Grodd is not fully the character we see today, so maybe we can make such an exception in this case. If we ignore the more modern takes on the character, this story is actually pretty entertaining. He gets some new superpowers, which is interesting. There is also an interesting transformation scene where the human Grodd turns back into a gorilla. Reminds me of Hulk.

The Art

I was asked about the art last review, so I thought I would address it here. From Showcase #4 to this current issue, the art is pretty much the same. I think art is wonderful, but what makes it wonderful at least for me is the color. These comics had colorists who did not hold back on colors. So, the art is nice to look at...


Other than some complaints regarding Grodd's developing character, this issue is good. Its a nice show of Iris and Barry's relationship. So, good issue over all.

ah, isn't that sweet? :)
ah, isn't that sweet? :)

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