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Using his quadromobile, Gorilla Grodd escapes once again from Gorilla City and turns himself into a modern man!

The Speed Of Doom!

Police Forensic scientist, Barry Allen, and Picture News reporter, Iris West, enjoy a Fourth of July picnic. Allen's thoughts are lost on his latest adventure, as the Flash. Under the ruse of measuring his top speed for science, the Flash had allowed himself to be bombarded with a strange radiation, that actually forced him to run. The scientist, who had tricked the Flash, revealed himself to be an alien, Kee Felig of the planet, Mohru. Held in place by the radiation beam, the Flash was forced to run, ever faster, until he would eventually perish. Unbeknownst to the Flash, law enforcement authorities on Mohru were having trouble with lightning-fast thieves.

His every attempt to slow down a failure, the Flash switched tactics by actually increasing his speed. Exceeding the speed of light, the Flash was able to break free of the radiation beam that held him. The Flash's scientific curiosity is drawn to a piece of fulgurite. As the Flash leaned down to collect the Fulgurite, it suddenly disappeared. Investigating further, the Flash learned that several museums, across the country, had reported fulgurite thefts. At one such museum, the Flash witnessed another piece suddenly float away at enormous speed. Matching it's velocity, the Flash saw another speedster carrying the fulgurite away.

The speedster raced into the side of a hill, and vanished. The Flash saw another speedster do the exact same thing. Continuing the pursuit, the Flash raced into the hillside, and found himself breaking the dimensional barrier between Earth and Mohru. Recognizing Kee Felig among the alien speedsters, the Flash took them all down, then turned them over to the authorities. The Flash learned that the aliens were taking any object struck by lightning on Earth, to Mohru. There they drew out the essence of the lightning to give themselves super-speed. As the Flash was the sole being, on either world, who could possibly stop them, they attempted to take him out.

The Super-Gorilla's Secret Identity!

The strangest army imaginable was poised to strike a shattering blow at the Earth! In command was Grodd, a power-mad gorilla with the mind of a genius! Only one man had the chance of stopping Grodd's conquest of Earth--The Flash--but to succeed, the Fastest Man Alive had to discover..."The Super-Gorilla's Secret Identity!"



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Iris & Barry's aniversary and Grodd's evolution 0

This issue has two different themes. Love and Evolution. I'll talk about those and more in this review of The Flash #108!LoveIris West and Barry Allen have had an interesting relationship in these first few issues. In order to persuade people he is NOT the Fastest Man Alive, Barry is always late or slow doing things. This secret identity technec reminds me of how Superman always acts all skittish and less powerful than he is regularly is as Superman. It is actually pretty comical how Iris scolds...

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