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New cover by Dan Panosian

This issue includes two new stories:

  • "All the Teeth, Glittering and Sharp," a 16-page story written by Gail Simone with art by Clayton Henry

Barry Allen and Iris West take a vacation, but their relaxation is cut short when their cruise ship is attacked by King Shark! Can the Fastest Man Alive save a sinking cruise ship when there's no land in sight-or will he be fish food?

  • "Perfect World," an eight-page story written by Jeff Parker with art by Miguel Mendonça

Gorilla Grodd takes control of the U.S. Senate and declares war on Canada! Only the Flash is fast enough to stop him-but will he be enthralled by Grodd and his desire to create the perfect world?

Plus, these reprint tales:

  • "Gorilla Warfare Part One: King Grodd," from The Flash #13
  • "Rebirth," from Green Arrow: Rebirth REBIRTH #1
  • "Blue Monday," from Blue Beetle #1

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