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Meet the newest Scarlet Speedster: Wally West, who assumes the mantle worn by his mentor Barry Allen until his sacrifice in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! In this debut issue, while on his way to deliver a heart for transplant, Wally West comes across the immortal villain Vandal Savage!

Wally West is called away from his birthday party and asked to deliver a donor heart to Science Fiction writer Eugenie Hegstrom in Seattle. Along the way, he crosses the path of Vandal Savage. Savage just killed a police investigator who getting close to figuring out who he was. After engaging him, Flash arrived at the Seattle hospital. After been put in a room to rest, Flash went into see the writer in her room after the operation. Hegstrom asked to see the costume and then thanked him. When on the plane flying back to New York City there were terrorist trying to hijack the plane Flash took care of them in 3 seconds. At his apartment Wally won the lottery and was greeted by the 50,000 year old magician Vandal Savage.


  • Indica title is "The Flash."
  • This story has no title.
  • This story takes place in March 1987 on Wally West's 21st birthday.
  • In the "Flash" letter column a 1-1/2 page text piece by Mike Gold.
  • This story was reprinted in The Flash: A Celebration of 75 Years #1 - HC.

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