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    Francis and Barry Hit the Ground Running!

    Lightning Strikes Back

    The Flash races back lead the charge of the new DCU! Francis Manapul pens the tale of Barry Allen reuniting with a friend from his past that has a mysterious secret that will push Barry to his limits

    Why Buy the Book

    Admit it, your curious if you could afford to buy 52 comics a month this would not be a big deal. But 52 first issues of a brand new direction of a powerhouse publisher in DC. With a iconic character like The Flash how could you not pick this up?

    As mentioned Francis Manapul has quickly put his stamp on the look and feel of the DC speedsters and brought his A game for this issue, and one of the best Flash covers to be produced in the past few years.

    Everyone loves a mystery, right? Well you got 2 here. You have the enjoyment of watching how Flash's place in the DCU be revealed. You also presented with the reappearance of a friend from Barry's past that knocks Barry for a loop

    Why Pass on this Book

    The only way you would pass this book up is if your just not a Flash fan. It would not matter if they made Flash a porn star it just would not interest you in the least what happens to the Scarlet Speedster. I can respect that, but I still would call you crazy

    But for the die hard and casual fans its a solid read all the way around

    300 lb pink Gorilla In The Corner

    a.k.a What would be the big changes to the Flash and his supporting cast??

    As not to ruin the surprise for those who have not read the book and planned to…

    I will say this…Everything has changed, but everything is still the same.

    This means that their will be immediate changes noticed on page 1, and more sprinkled thought the issue. For old school fans of Barry Allen Flash, really cool tweaks were made to the Flash Ring that not only makes sense, but also gives a modern twist to the mythology of the character

    So yes, there will be changes to Barry and The Flash lives and abilities, however the changes do not effect who Barry Allen is and what makes The Flash such a awesome character. So this was like pulling out a splinter in your hand as a kid, you knew it would sting at first and had to be done, but once its out you wondered what all the fuss was about

    Same goes for this book, Yes the suit is different, but the man inside is not

    He is Barry Allen and to the world he is the Fastest Man Alive

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