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    Tis' but a twist!!!

    The Good

    Let's start off with the art. I absolutely LOVE the art. Kudos to Francis Manapul for his magnificent work. I really like the style. As for Geoff Johns, he won the Spike TV Scream Award for best Comic Book Writer, so that explains itself. As for the plot, I'm liking it. I love how they don't start off rushing everything. They take it slow (but Barry Allen was fast!!!) and actually develop the plot, and Mirror Master arriving in the streets dead like that was shocking, as well as the fact that it wasn't any previous Mirror Master they had known. And guess what? It comes back as the future Rogues, or the Renegades come at the end of the issue to (wait for it) arrest him for murder!!!

    The Bad

    There wasn't exactly anything EPIC in this issue, as it was just a starter, but there were a lot of good twists. I can't seem to find anything wrong with this, just not enough climatic moments.

    The Verdict

    Great for a Flash comic. Haven't read one so good in a while, hence me reviewing it. All Flash Fans, Barry Allen fans, and DC fans should pick this up right now!

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