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Colonel Moore Williams was an American Army Air Force Captain assigned to India, in the city of Calcutta during World War II.  

An intelligence officer assigned to a desk to process information Williams, who was also a pilot, decided he could no longer just process information that passing over his desk, but had to do something about it.  

Going outside of his official duties Colonel Williams created a second identity that he thought would frighten those he went after, because they were a superstitious lot he thought that something strange and outré would be just the ticket. 

Calling himself The Flamingo, designing a red and yellow costume and equipping himself with a .45 automatic, a belt set with grenades, and a redesigned fighter plane, which he then painted pink and christened “The Bird,” he flew into battle.  

The Flamingo’s first foe was Valda the King of the Dead; next he faced a cult of Thugs, and in his third and last recorded adventure Japanese spies trying to gain a foothold in India.  

The Flamingo has not been heard from since Contact Comics # 3.

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