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Hrinmeer was a the son of a fire demon named Skulveig and an elf maiden named Aeltri. Skulveig raided a city of elves and kidnapped his mother. Skulveig forced himself upon Aeltri and their union gave birth to Hrinmeer. Skulveig was disgusted by his son's appearance and had a mask forged so no one would have to gaze at him. Hrinmeer was scorned growing up and suffered cruelty from the people around him. The spark of hatred burned within him and grew up to become a fierce warrior after his mother passed away. Hrinmeer named himself the Flame after his father's sword. Hrinmeer confronted his father and killed him. The Flame fled his birthplace and escaped into Asgard where he would blaze a path of carnage and destruction. Odin summoned his son, Thor and told him of this great evil that was slaying his people and burning their villages. Odin asked Thor to bring the Flame to him for punishment and gave him his steed, Sleipnir for the journey ahead. Thor eventually encountered the Flame in Nidavellir which was a great flaming chasm. The two warriors fought and Thor unmasked the Flame to reveal Hrinmeer's true appearance. Thor told Hrinmeer that there was nothing wrong with his face but the half-breed did not believe him and continued his assault on the Thunder God. Thor threw his might uru hammer and struck the boulder the Flame was holding above his shoulders. Hrinmeer lost his balance and fell into a fiery chasm. Thor summoned storm clouds to extinguish the fire below and Hrinmeer was nowhere to be found. Hrinmeer would later resurface after be broke free from his underground tomb to be greeted by Loki. The Flame agreed to serve Loki after he promised to provide Hrinmeer anything he desired.


The Flame was created by Ron Marz and Tom Grindberg in 1993 and first appeared in Thor Annual # 18. 

Abilities and Weapons

The Flame was a half-elf/half-demon hybrid with enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury. The Flame was immune to fire and became a skilled swordsman. The Flame's sword could generate heat and fire with any stroke or slash.

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