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    The Five are a circuit of mutants whose powers, working in tandem, can resurrect deceased mutants. They are a pillar of Krakoan society and serve as a symbol of mutant ingenuity and resilience.

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    The Five were created by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz and they debuted in House of X #5 - Society, their purpose being to resurrect some very important mutants.


    The Five were formed to resurrect mutants. They are a highly honored and respected team on Krakoa and in the mutant community and the members are as close as family to one another. They also work closely with X-Factor, who investigates the mutant's death. There is a long resurrection protocol for the Five to follow and a long list they need to get through.


    Members and Their Roles

    Egg, formerly known as Goldballs, produces one of his gold balls, which turns out are actually eggs.

    Proteus, inhabiting a cloned body of Xavier, warps reality to make the egg viable so a DNA sample of the mutant can be injected into it.

    Elixir uses his ability to control biological processes to start rebuilding a clone body from that DNA sample.

    Tempus uses her ability to control time to make the cloning process go much faster.

    Hope makes sure their powers all work perfectly in unison at the peak of their strength.

    (Should a member of the Five die, Synch or Mimic would fill in during the resurrection)

    Mutants They've Resurrected


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