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The Five Wives meeting
The Five Wives meeting

The Five Wives were all made widows by the Punisher and shut out from the rest of the mafia since women have no place in the organization other than being a wife of a member. The Five Wives being left with little money compared to what they had when their husbands were alive and angered over their deaths wanted revenge against the Punisher. The Five Wives meet and discussed what the Punisher had done to them as well as their role in destroying the life of Jenny Cesare which they were all a part of. Finally after their meeting they decided to kill the Punisher for what he had done to them.


The Five Wives were created by Garth Ennis during his Punisher run in the MAX imprint. Garth Ennis created the Five Wives to show what effect the Punisher's actions have on others and to answer the question of "who punishes the Punisher?"

Major Story Arcs


The Five Wives gather and discuss what the Punisher has done to each and every one of them. They discuss previous actions the Punisher has committed that led to the deaths of their husbands from being in different groups the Punisher has taken down such as the Cesare family, Nicky Cavella's gang, and more. They talk about how the mob caught them off after their husbands died and they were left with barely anything. Unable to turn to the mob for help and support and unable to get the police to do anything about the Punisher since they like Frank Castle the widows discuss what should be done about the Punisher. After, discussing the matter the five wives agree to work together to kill the Punisher for not just killing their husbands but destroying their lives as well.

The Five Wives almost killing the Punisher
The Five Wives almost killing the Punisher

The Five Wives go to work researching news stories, police reports, and information they got online from the FBI's database about the vigilante to see what they could learn about others experiences with the Punisher. How others failed going against Frank Castle, how the Punisher killed them, and what if any weaknesses the Punisher had. They stumble across what Frank Castle did to a group of slavers and studied the case since the Punisher acted out of character going against that group. They learned that the Punisher tortured the slavers to death brutally and came to the conclusion with the police notes on the case that Frank Castle was angered about women being forced into prostitution and decided to use this to their advantage. Annabella Gorrini hatched a plan to lure the Punisher into a trap using one of the wives as a damsel in distress acting like she was a sex slave leading him to location where the wives could ambush and kill him before he know what happened. Bonnie De Angelo was chosen to be the damsel in distress for the mission to kill the Punisher. Shauna Toomey got weapons for the wives to kill the Punisher. Barbara Barrucci slept with Tony Pizzo to find out where the mob was going to bringing in a new leader to fill the vacancy left by the Punisher. The widows knowing the time and location the mafia was going to pick up and transport the new boss hid Bonnie in one of cars knowing the Punisher was most likely going to hit the gangsters and kill them.The plan worked. The Punisher hit and killed the mobsters just like the Five Wives thought he would and fell for Bonnie's story about her being forced to be a whore by slavers.

The Punisher followed Bonnie to the house where she said the slavers kept her. Frank looking at the house felt like something wasn't right and was about to leave knowing something was up when the wives sprung their trap and Shauna shot the Punisher. Shauna was going to finish the Punisher off but Bonnie snapped and started beating on Castle for him killing her husband leaving Shauna with no clear shot. Bonnie then noticed a woman call out her name and as Bonnie looked up she was gutted by the woman with a knife. The widows were shocked by this and Annabella shouted at Shauna just to open fire after recognizing who the woman was. Just as Shauna was about to open fire the women grabs the Punisher's gun and opens fire on the wives almost killing them. The woman then takes the Punisher away as the police show up. The wives are questioned by the police and after a few questions are released and go to a house where they ditch their clothes and try to come up with a new plan and wonder who the woman was who killed Bonnie. Annabella then tells the groups it was her sister Jenny Cesare who killed Bonnie and the women are shocked and Annabella is furious at Shauna for lying to her years ago about killing her sister.

Jenny Cesare ending the Five Wives
Jenny Cesare ending the Five Wives

The Five Wives try to come up with a new plan to kill the Punisher and deal with Jenny when a police detective comes to the house they are staying at knowing they are all mob widows and figuring out they tried to kill the Punisher. The widows deny it but the detective doesn't by their story and leaves to gather evidence to get an arrest warrant for all of them. Shauna then gets a drug addict gang banger to try and kill the cop to prevent them from going to jail. The assassination fails and ends up being all over the news which enrages Annabella who realizes they have to flee the country to things blow over or face prison time. Just as they are about to leave Jenny Cesare shows up and kills them all except for her sister Annabella. She brings her sister to where she has been tending the Punisher. After, arguing with her sister Jenny then pulls out a baseball bat and beats her sister to death completely ending the Five Wives.

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